Positive Effects of Drinking Water

Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water each day will bring multiple benefits. There are many positives to drinking water, and zero negatives! Here are some of them:

Energy boost
When you’re feeling a little off kilter, water can be the ideal pick-me-up. Dehydration will make you feel fatigued and sometimes quite unwell. A drink of water will help blood transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to the cells within your body. Stay well hydrated, and your heart won’t need to work as hard to pump blood around.

Reduce your stress levels
As 85% of brain tissue is made up of water, dehydration can place extra stress and strain on your body as well as your mind. To combat this keep a glass of water nearby and take regular sips.

Help build muscle tone
Drinking plenty of water will help to prevent muscle cramps, and will lubricate the joints within the body. If you undertake any exercise, you’ll be able to work out for longer by staying hydrated.

Stay regular
It isn’t just fibre that clears out your insides! Water is essential in aiding digestion. It will help dissolve waste and pass it through the digestive tract. Dehydration will leave your body clinging to, and absorbing all the water it can, which will leave your bowel motions more difficult to pass, and dry in the process.

Reduce the risk of kidney stones
The rate of people suffering with painful kidney stones is on the increase because we as a nation do not drink enough water. Water dilutes the salts and minerals in our urine which form the solid crystals known to us as kidney stones. To reduce the risk to ourselves, drink plenty, as kidney stones are less likely to form in more heavily diluted urine.

Skin nourishment
Water is nature’s very own anti-ageing product! Lines and wrinkles appear to be deeper if your skin is dehydrated. Hydrate your skin cells and plump them in the process. Your face will look younger in no time! Water will also act as a detox, flushing out impurities whilst improving blood flow and circulation, leaving you glowing!

Staying Hydrated As We Head Towards Autumn

Staying hydrated can be difficult whatever the season, but as the end of the summer approaches (on days like today you wonder if there’s even been a summer!) and we head towards the autumnal months there are a number of reasons to make sure you drink plenty of water.  You’ll have read for yourself (particularly if you follow this blog regularly) how important it is to hydrate yourself, and the benefits of doing so. So just because the weather is about to cool, it shouldn’t mean we don’t need to drink so much, or that it isn’t so important.  Without the heat of the summer to remind us to drink, it can be easy to forget, but there are several things to keep in mind in the hopes of remembering how important it is!


Be a warrior – fight off illness before it strikes!

Your body is mainly made up of water.  We know that water is needed to aid digestion as well as other basic human bodily functions.  We need to keep up our fluid intake in order for our bodies to maintain strength and combat bad bacteria and infection.  If you can manage 8 glasses a day your immune system will be boosted, and you’ll be fighting fit!  Prevention is always better than cure!


Maintain healthy skin

There can be a notable lack of humidity during autumn, which can jeopardise your skin’s usual and natural beauty regime.  With the skin we’re in being the largest organ of the body, we need to look after it!  By drinking plenty of water, well maintained hydration levels will revitalise dull and lacklustre skin, and help keep it soft and smooth during the harsher months. Our lips are often overlooked and can become chapped and cracked in the cold – drinking water will help combat this too.


Natural Detox

By drinking water we can detox our bodies naturally.  We may have indulged in more treats over the summer, by eating more ice cream for instance.  Drink plenty and flush out those toxins – with the cooler months upon us, we need to gear up for comfort eating season!

Drinking Water the Right Way

We all know how healthy water is, and how it hydrates us and helps improve our physical performance.  It works wonders for us!  Nutritional experts advise us to drink an average of eight glasses a day in order to remain healthy, but did you ever think about how to make it work for us at its optimum?  Next time you reach for a glass and head over to the office water cooler, bear these tips in mind:


In the morning

A glass of water once you’re out of bed (and consumed on an empty stomach) helps to activate the body’s organs and will improve bowel function.  But drinking a glass of warm water before taking your morning shower can help to lower blood pressure by warming the body from the inside, improving the flow of blood.


Don’t over-drink

Health experts warn that drinking too much water can occasionally be dangerous to our physical and mental health.  If you’re in a hot climate where you need to drink more then do, but guidelines are there for a reason!



Although we know that drinking a glass of water before you eat will aid digestion, it can sometimes upset the digestive juices.  The best time to drink before a meal is an hour beforehand.  This will give the nutrients time to provide the body with what’s needed.


Some like it hot!

For those of us that eat a higher fat content diet, cold water could be doing more harm than good.  It can cause the fats in foods to clog, thus preventing the digestive organs from working effectively.  Hot water will help stop food from ‘stagnating’ in the stomach.


Night Night!

A glass of water an hour before bed time will help to replenish lost body fluids.  You can check this in the mornings by weighing yourself on a few consecutive days.  If you’re losing weight without trying, it could just mean that you’re not drinking enough water.

Why You Need Water For Weight Loss

We all know how important water is to remain healthy and hydrated.  As our brains are up to 85% water, it’s not surprising that we need so much of it to maintain our mental and physical condition.  It plays a crucial role in almost all of our bodily functions and is imperative for digestion, circulation and removing waste products from the body.

So with summer upon us, water is also a brilliant ingredient for helping us to lose a few pounds, just in the interests of obtaining that bikini body of course!  It helps boost your metabolism and can increase your body’s ability to burn fat.  Dehydration can stunt your natural metabolism by up to 3%, so it’s always good to keep topped up.  Guidelines dictate that the average human should drink 8 glasses of water a day, and by doing so we can really reap the rewards of drinking water and its related weight loss benefits.

Here’s some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow.

  1. Drink before eating

Studies have shown that drinking water before a meal can also help you to lose weight by filling your stomach and tricking your body into thinking it’s full. You’ll consume less food, therefore save on calories!

  1. Are you hungry or thirsty?

All too often we get mixed up between hunger and thirst. If you feel that you’ve eaten enough yet you still feeling hungry, this could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to drink more.

  1. Drink right

Some statistics suggest that 60% of the population drink less than one glass of water per day.  Ensure you take in the correct levels by investing in a sports bottle.  Keep it topped up, and with you during the day so that you can drink continually.

  1. Chill out!

To boost your metabolism more, it has been suggested that ice cold water will have a better effect than water at room temperature. Plus it’s so much more refreshing! Ask your boss to invest in a Water Cooler for the workplace, or maybe even invest in one yourself for your home! You need to look after your body!

  1. Drink after exercise

Make sure you drink LOTS of water after any kind of exercise to make up for lost body water through sweat. You don’t want to end up dehydrated, and your body also loses essential nutrients such as sodium when it sweats so you need replenish your water levels.

Remember that as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day you can also supplement your diet with high water density foods! Fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, celery and oranges are just some of the foods that will help to increase your water intake!

Hydrate your Body, and your Mind

With summer only just around the corner, it’s really important that we get geared up for it.  One of the most valuable commodities on the planet is perhaps the most valuable commodity to us as humans.  Water.  Without it, we wouldn’t survive more than a few days, and it is fundamental in transporting all the nutrients and oxygen around our bodies in order for us to remain healthy.  So with some hot weather just over the horizon, it’s even more crucial that we all stay hydrated.

The Stats

82% of our blood is made up of water, and 90% of our lungs.  Our brains are a huge 95% water, so if we don’t take on enough water throughout the day to keep these levels topped up, then we can rapidly begin to feel unwell; our brains can shrink causing headaches and fatigue.

The Health Benefit

As well as general health for the mind and body, water is essential for absorbing nutrients as well as certain chemical reactions; brain function and memory performance to name a couple.

Healthy Joints

Water helps keep our joints healthy, as the synovial fluid that protects them contains water, so if our hydration levels are depleted there will be less synovial fluid to give that all important protection, thus resulting in greater stress around our joints.

Clearer Skin

Drinking more water will help to keep our skin clear by flushing out all manner of nasty toxins, and this will see an overall improvement in our skin’s appearance; fewer blemishes and wrinkles!

Eliminating Water Retention

If you are prone to water retention, then drinking water will help combat this.  It’s due to dehydration that our bodies cling on to every drop of water possible as a kind of survival reaction, and the first visual signs of this are swollen hands, feet and ankles.  By drinking more water our bodies won’t feel under threat of dehydration, and will maintain their usual processes, and therefore eradicate the need to retain extra fluid.

Be kind to Yourself, and to Others

Most employers worth their salt know that it’s important to maintain the well-being of their employees, and what a knock on effect a healthy workforce will have on productivity in the workplace.  By installing a water cooler in the office, workers can have a steady supply of water on hand and are easily able to stay hydrated, particularly in the hot summer months. There will be a decrease in fatigue and lethargy, and hopefully an increase in performance!

We all strive to be as healthy as possible.  By drinking more water we’ll be well on our way!

How Drinking Honey Water Can Benefit Your Health

We all strive to look good, have great skin and live a healthy lifestyle. And we all know the most effective (if not easy) way to achieve this is by eating healthily and exercising regularly whilst maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Assuming you already have that in the bag, are there any further ways that you can help improve your general well-being?

Something as simple as drinking honey water can have an amazing effect! Many of us already drink warm water first thing in the morning, and we all know this is a great start to the day, but adding some honey can have a whole host of benefits.

Immunity and weight loss

Not only is honey water used by some as a weight loss remedy, it can also boost immunity. Honey is packed with vitamins and minerals which provide the body with the vigour to fight off disease and infection, as the probiotic bacteria stimulate the cells in our body. Being a natural substance, honey can mobilise stored, unused fat and cholesterol in tissues and cells, and the sugar present is both harmless and healthy.


We all need to keep well hydrated to maintain decent energy levels to get us through the day. Drinking honey water first thing in the morning will provide helpful carbohydrates, antioxidants and other nutrients, whilst helping to expel toxins from the body. You can add lemon juice too, for that extra boost.


 If you should succumb to a nasty cold, honey water can have a really soothing effect. It will help relieve the pain of a sore throat, and by adding some ginger or lemon which both contain antioxidant properties you will have a completely antibacterial and antiseptic remedy. Should you suffer with hay fever or other pollen related allergies, locally produced honey can work wonders as it contains pollen from your vicinity, which will help you build up a resistance.


Drinking honey water before bed and first thing in the morning will improve your digestion by aiding the easy passage of the food you’ve consumed from the intestines to the colon. If you suffer with any kind of stomach complaint, this will also be beneficial. The antiseptic properties of the honey will help lower acidity and increase mucus production in the intestine. All helpful to keep you regular!

Held in high regard by many healthcare professionals, honey water is one of the healthiest organic foodstuffs, and by drinking it one of the most natural and easy ways to detox the body. Honey is readily available and is one of the only natural substances that will never go off! So next time you have the kettle on, consider stirring a couple of spoonfuls of honey into your cup. The benefits will pay dividends!

Seven Anti-Ageing Benefits of Lemon Water

Time and time again we keep hearing about the benefits of starting the day with hot water and lemon. A cleansing way to begin the day but one that also offers antibacterial and antiviral properties benefiting the skin as well as the immune system. By continuing with lemon water throughout the day you can profit from some amazing anti-ageing effects.

Increasing your collagen

Collagen, one of the building blocks of the skin, reduces as we get older leading to sagging, lined skin. Vitamin C helps to make collagen in the body and water helps collagen work efficiently preventing premature ageing. Good hydration keeps the cells plum and together with the benefit of vitamin C will keep the protective properties of your skin functioning well.

Reduce carb absorption

As we get older we notice the effects of a life of carbohydrate consumption! When eaten to excess without a properly balance diet, carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. Drinking water before and after a meal can prevent us from over eating and by adding lemon to your water, the citric acid can slow down the absorption of carbs, which as you get older can help you avoid age related weight gain.

Keep the veins at bay

Rutin and hesperidin are bioflavonoids found in lemon peel and membrane which are known to strengthen vein structure. As we age, thread veins can appear all over our body and if we are prone, we can develop varicose veins in our legs as our vascular structure weakens over the years. Keeping active and well hydrated with lemon water can help keep those veins at bay.

A healthy liver

As we get older our enzyme production reduces but we can support our liver in its production of enzymes by drinking lemon water. The liver can produce more enzymes from lemons than any other food supporting the absorption of fatty acids which keep our joints functioning well and our skin young.

Fight free radicals

A great source of antioxidants, drinking lemon water helps us fight the free radicals that the body is bombarded with on a daily basis from a variety of sources. Contributing to the ageing process, you can prevent damage from free radicals with lemon water. It’s one of the simplest, most cost effective ant-ageing tips you can take advantage of!

Could it help age related disease?

Free radicals can also play a role in age related diseases such Parkinson’s and arthritis therefore ingesting antioxidants can help. Research has shown bioflavonoids and vitamin C found in lemons have been shown to support the prevention of such diseases.

Boost your system

The powerful mix of antioxidants, vitamin C and bioflavonoids found in lemons together with the hydrating effects of water helps the body boost the immune system and fight infection. An over stressed immune system ages the body as it fights off infection instead of repairing and healing cells. All the more reason to keep drinking water with the added benefit of a slice of lemon!

Easy ways to stay hydrated!


Staying hydrated can be hard to do. The standard two litres a day may not sound like a lot but it’s so easy to forget to pick up that glass of water. As most of us have sedentary jobs these days, staring at a computer screen all day doesn’t really require us to replenish our water levels unlike when we are exerting ourselves at the gym! So what is the best way to ensure we take in our required two litres a day, without setting an alert on our phone that is? Read on for some top tips:

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

Your daily fruit and veg intake can keep you more hydrated than you think. Adding fruit and vegetables to every meal whether for a snack or a salad for lunch can really make the difference. Watermelons are 92% water and other water rich fruit and vegetables include celery, tomatoes, courgettes and oranges. As long as you’re eating a variety as part of your balanced diet, your body will be getting hydrated without even reaching for your glass.

Drink with food

Our eating habits are more structured than our drinking habits so make sure that every time you have a meal, you drink a glass of water. Drinking before a meal can curb your appetite as we often mistake thirst for hunger and reach for a snack instead of a drink. If we have water before a meal and a glass or so with a snack, we will ensure we’re fitting in those extra few glasses a day without having to remind ourselves!

Reduce your caffeine intake

Coffee, tea and cola drinks all contain caffeine and have a diuretic effect on the body. This means that despite adding fluids to the body, diuretic drinks actually dehydrate and encourage your body to lose fluids. So if you’re having a stressful day and find you’ve had a few more coffees than usual make sure you drink a glass of water to match. Or why not try mixing it up with decaffeinated version of your favourite beverage.

Water down your favourites

If you find it hard to drink pure water then you could jazz it up a bit with some ginger, cucumber, lemon, lime or a slice of orange. If that’s not enough then you could water down your favourite fresh juice ensuring you reach your water intake target without the added sugar and calories.

Drink with a straw

Now this may sound a bit weird but by drinking with a straw you actually drink larger volumes than without. We tend to sip smaller amounts of water from a glass but add a straw or two and you will see that you suck more water than you sip! Strange but true!

Add frozen fruit

Freeze fruit such as slices of lemon, lime and orange as well as a variety of berries then add a flavoursome ice cubes to your glass of water. Cooling, adding flavour as well as delivering a nice treat once you’ve drunk the glass, that piece of frozen fruit is multi-tasker!

Drink more water and stick to your resolutions

We’re a few weeks into the New Year so how are your resolutions going? Are you still keeping to your goals? As the enthusiasm of champers and fireworks wears off we find we’re still struggling to wake up to those dark mornings and January seems to be longer than any other month of the year, it’s not surprising that many of our good intentions are ditched. A night in with a glass of wine, a few nibbles and a movie is a more attractive thought than Pilates and a salad!

Well I bet you’d never think that a glass of water could help you maintain your resolution vim and vigour? You’d be surprised that many of your New Year’s resolutions can be supported by drinking some more of the good stuff! As up to 60% of the human body is compose of water then it’s essential we drink our two litres a day anyway but read on to see how much more support water can give you to help you reach your goals.

Kicking the habit

How could drinking water help you quit smoking? Probably one of the most common New Year’s resolutions amongst smokers is to finally try to give up. We all know it’s one of the hardest habits to beat and who would have thought that drinking water could help? Keeping well hydrated can help you cope with cravings, water can have a calming effect and you probably have less of an association of having a glass with a cigarette than you do a mug or tea or an alcoholic drink. Also a US study revealed that certain drinks make cigarettes taste better so avoid any of those associations to encourage your success.

Take up a new hobby

Life is busy and sometimes it passes us by so fast that we wonder why we never ran a marathon, jumped out of a plane, learned to speak a new language or play piano. Following a passion is key to living your best life and to your levels of happiness. So if you have decided to turn over a new leaf in 2017 and do what you’ve always dreamed of such as learn to fly or learn to speak Italian then remember to keep hydrated! Keeping your energy and concentration levels working at an optimum level, water is essential, every function in the body is dependent on it including brain performance. Studies show that the brain operates well whilst the body is fully hydrated allowing us to think faster, with clarity.

Losing the pounds

OK so we all could lose a few pounds after the Christmas holidays. As we give up the mince pies and mulled wine and go back to our normal diet, our bodies can go back to normal but who would have thought a glass of water could help. Drinking a glass of water before a meal can encourage us to eat less and help us get back to our normal, healthy eating routine!

Improve your workout

Gyms up and down the UK are jammed packed with new enthusiasts in January, it’s quite impressive! Nothing like an atmosphere of determination and dedication to keep you going even when you don’t want to. Eventually however, the number of ‘off-days’ increases and by February, numbers dwindle and although it’s nice not to be waiting for your turn on the running machine, you suddenly think it would be nicer to drive on home instead of detouring to the gym! If that’s’ the case, water can help! Relieving the natural aches you may suffer following a workout, water hydrates your muscles and can also help to ease fatigue which means you are more likely to keep up the good work.

Work-life balance

Obtaining and maintaining a bit of balance in your life is key to your happiness. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so the saying goes. Not sure about dull but certainly bored and unhappy, we all need something exciting to look forward to and we all need fun in our day, every day! Balance also needs to be reflected in our whole lifestyle and a study by Coleen Munoz, University of Connecticut has shown a direct link with higher water consumption and good moods. So it seems that water can play a huge part in helping us get the most out of life. Staying hydrated can raise mood and energy levels which in turn ensures we approach life with the right attitude.

It doesn’t matter what area of your life you look at, whether is physical or emotional, drinking water and staying hydrated can make you feel so much better. When we feel good about life, our good mood encourages us to make better decisions about our health and wellbeing which has a knock on effect on those around us. There is no downside to this so keep drinking water!

7 Reasons to Leave Santa Water Instead of Whisky

The festive season is officially upon us, and by now your tree will be up and you’ve probably indulged in one too many mince pies. You’ll have heard Fairytale of New York roughly 330 times, braved the Christmas shopping so now, you’re probably almost set for Christmas.

Ensure your carrots are ready for the reindeer, and for the main man himself? A refreshing glass of water. What, no whisky? No hot chocolate? Nope, sorry Santa here’s 7 reasons why you should leave him a glass of water this Christmas Eve…


  1. It Will Offer Him Much Needed Hydration

After all, he has a LOT of houses to get round in just one night and that’s busy work. Sweating causes you to lose water so it’s important to keep your fluid topped up when you’re doing such strenuous work. Nothing quite quenches your thirst and rehydrates your body like a glass of water.

  1. It’s Good For His Concentration

No one wants a mix-up of presents on Christmas morning, so as to avoid any disasters offer Santa a glass of water to make sure those concentration levels are at their peak.

  1. It Will Energise His Muscles

Ever tried getting up and down a chimney with a sack of presents? Its hard work and by no means an easy feat. Unlike whisky, water can repair and top up the cells that are unable to maintain their balance of fluids. This way he’ll feel ready to take on the world, quite literally.

  1. It’s Good For His Skin

Cold weather, harsh winds and snow are no winning combination for good skin. Avoid dry patches and irritation with plenty of water to ensure the skin is hydrated and locking in moister with a protective barrier.

  1. It Will Prevent Any Headaches

No one needs a headache when they’re trying to look after a team of reindeers and organise a busy sleigh. Our brains are made up of three quarters water, sitting in a fluid sack to ensure it doesn’t hit against our skulls and cause a headache. If this fluid sack depletes you’ll find yourself reaching for the paracetamol, instead, keep topped up with water.

  1. He Won’t Get Stiff Joints

Did you know dehydration can cause both stiffness and pain in the joints? The cartilage between our joints is mostly made up of water, therefore when the padding is weakened by dehydration it can cause a lot of discomfort. Not what you need when you’re trying to making your away around the world in one night. Phew.

  1. It Will Keep His Eyes Bright

Hydration will keep your energy levels up and with plenty of water he won’t find himself with bloodshot or dry eyes. Important for not relying on Rudolph’s bright nose to lead the way…

So with all that in mind, don’t forget to leave a glass of the clear stuff out, even if it goes alongside a cheeky whisky! Merry Christmas!