Orphaned At Birth Cooleraid helps support those that need it most

Hundreds of babies are orphaned at birth, from the poor health conditions and poverty of Malawi, causing frequent fatalities of mothers during childbirth. Many of these orphans are brought to the small village of Namisu by desperate relatives who are not fit to care for a newborn.

In Malawi formula milk is not a common product and therefore not provided at ease to the Malawi folk whatsoever, meaning caring for these newborn orphans is a very challenging task, as the simple task of feeding them is made a huge challenge.

The Lifeline Fund, supported by Cooleraid, is able to step in and rescue these infants. Caring for children such as Florence, who now has the hope of a healthy future thanks to Lifeline, we can provide these children with food and care, along with education and vocational training, to ensure a bright future for each child.

To find out more about the Lifeline Fund or if you are interested in helping, please contact John Searle on 01223 276710.