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Established over 30 years ago, CoolerAid is one the UK’s largest and longest running suppliers of water coolers, dispensers and boilers in the UK.

With our head office in Cambridgeshire covering the North and South, we have easy access to all major routes and can offer a nationwide service supplying and servicing water coolers, hot water boilers, bottle filling stations and coffee machines.

We have grown steadily since we were first established in 1991 and have managed to retain our original values of being a family run business, giving all customers a personal and caring approach. All telephone calls are answered in person within 5 rings ensuring that all enquiries are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We can offer a guaranteed 24-hour call out service; next-day delivery and provide full maintenance support to all customers. Every single one of our customers receive a dedicated account manager.

Because of this personal approach to our business, many of our customers have been with us since the beginning and our customers range from small companies with a few employees to national organisations with multiple sites. We now have in excess of 35,000 accounts across the United Kingdom and are fully nominated to supply water coolers to Schools, Universities, Government, MOD and the NHS through many national frameworks including ESPO, GPS, SUPC and YPO.


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We have a dedicated team of sales, support and distribution staff. We are here to ensure customers receive the best value and a seamless straight forward service from installation to servicing and maintenance. CoolerAid started as a family run business and in relation to ethos and attitude essentially remains as a family run business today, we make it our business to manage each of our customers at a personal level. Today we employ over 70 people and have a central distribution centre in Cambridge and strategically placed depots covering the rest of the UK.

Dedicated Account managers

Each customer is allocated a dedicated account manager who understands their customer’s requirements and circumstances. This helps ensure that our customers, large or small, receive the help, support and service they need. In other words a hassle-free experience for our customers.

All Types Of Businesses And Organisations

Our customers vary from individuals requiring a singular application to larger contracts (typically those with multiple locations and/or several water coolers and boilers for large sites). We currently supply thousands of UK businesses, hospitals, universities, schools, health clubs and public sector bodies. To us every customer is a customer full stop.

Mike Bailey Griffiths Email: mike@cooleraid.co.uk Adam Dyer Email: adam@cooleraid.co.uk Jane Buchanan Email: jane@cooleraid.co.uk Call Back – we are happy to call you back at your convenience


What is the difference between mineral water and spring water?

It’s a common misconception that all bottled water is the same, but mineral and spring water can differ greatly in terms of source and treatment. The differences can be subtle, for instance, just the labelling of ‘spring water’ as opposed to ‘mineral water’.

The distinction between the two types of water can be confusing, as all brands use different definitions when marketing their product. The legal definitions are set by government regulations, and although are common across many countries, can differ greatly from country to country.

So just what are the differences?

Spring Water

Spring water is collected directly from an underground spring where it comes to the surface. It is considered to be one of the best types of water to aid hydration, and has other health benefits because of its trace minerals. Spring water must be bottled at source whilst meeting certain hygiene standards and pollution regulations, but doesn’t need to undergo the 2 year regulatory testing process that mineral water does.

Mineral Water

Like spring water, mineral water originates underground, but flows through and over rocks before it’s collected and bottled. Natural mineral water must contain 250 ppm trace minerals to be considered ‘authentic’ mineral water. UK legislation states that the source must have undergone 2 years of frequent microbiological testing before it can be certified. The source must be protected from all pollution and its temperature and composition must remain stable and subject to continuous testing.

You can find more information on any CoolerAid water cooler here.

What size water boiler do I need for 30 people?

Hot water boilers are fast becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the humble kettle in busy work and leisure environments alike. With a superfast heat up time, you’ll not be standing around wasting time. Instead you’ll have instant access to continuous, piping hot water, with an hourly output of up to 108 mugs per hour, which is more than enough for a large office of 30 or more people. Eco water boilers are ideal when space is at a premium and are suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, factory canteens and staff rooms.

CoolerAid hot water dispensers come in a range of capacities to suit all environments, and can be wall mounted or counter top. There are no hard and fast rules about what size boiler you should have, but the team here at CoolerAid will be happy to advise you!

How many bottles of water do I need for 10 people?

It can be difficult to estimate how much water you’ll need for your cooler, and there are many factors to consider. The climate can be one of the most important factors, as we all tend to drink more fluids in the warmer summer months.

Taking into account the 2 litre a day rule, we estimate that each person should be drinking one litre of fluid during their working hours. Of course, not everyone will drink exactly 1 litre of water, as there will obviously be those who prefer a cup of tea or coffee at break times, but as a rule of thumb an office of 10 employees will probably get through an average of 2 bottles per week.

At CoolerAid, your water delivery will be scheduled based on the amount consumed. If for any reason you think you’ll run out, just call us and we can deliver a new supply the next day. Our bottled water is sold in 18.9 litre bottles as standard.

You can rent or buy any of our units, and we offer a free trial to help you make up your mind. You can find more information on our bottled and mains fed coolers here.

What happens to empty water cooler bottles?

CoolerAid Ltd recognises that it has a responsibility to minimise its impact on the environment through sustainable practices. Part of this responsibility is to make sure that we collect and then reuse 100% of our plastic water cooler bottles. With the media spotlight focussed on plastic waste, we need to make sure that we’re not adding to the crisis, either locally, nationally or globally.

Employers have a duty of care to make sure their staff have access to clean healthy drinking water, which is why business owners opt for water coolers. Some of these businesses don’t have the facility for a mains fed unit, and so select a bottled version, where a large bottle of water sits on top of the dispenser.

Knowing that plastics can take hundreds of years to degrade, when each bottle is empty we collect them, sterilise them and refill them, ensuring we do as much as we can to minimise the impact on the environment. We repeat this cycle over and over again until such a time as they can’t be used anymore! When the useful life of our plastics are at an end, we send them off for recycling to be made into other useful items.

You can read more about our Environmental Policy and its objectives here.

What is the best water cooler for an office?

Providing safe, clean drinking water for your employees is law, so if your workforce is large and you have an extensive canteen or kitchen area, a mains fed unit is definitely the best solution. Our technicians will take care of the installation and maintenance, ensuring your experience with CoolerAid is completely worry free.

If your premises isn’t equipped with an adequately sized kitchen or staff room, or has limited access to a mains water supply, then a bottled cooler is for you! Our units take up minimal space and come in a range of models, both floor standing and countertop. We’ll deliver your water bottles regularly, and take away the empties for reuse. In the unlikely event that you’re running low on bottled water, just call us and we’ll deliver more the very next day!

Choosing a water cooler doesn’t need to be complicated. Here at CoolerAid, our friendly sales team offer clear and impartial advice to make sure you choose the right model for your workplace. You can contact one of our team here.

What is the best water fountain for a school?

There has been a focus in recent years on the importance of providing students with easy access to clean drinking water. Thankfully, the days are coming to an end where fountains are situated within the toilet areas in schools, making them a magnet for all kinds of bacteria and germs.

The education sector realises that children need water during the academic day to aid hydration and concentration, which means that there needs to be provision in an easily accessible area.

Many schools now install either mains fed water coolers or water fountains at convenient points around the building so that students can help themselves when they need to, often refilling a school supplied drinking bottle! A well hydrated body and brain will help with concentration and attention span, and behaviour can be notably improved.

You can find information on our water fountains and coolers here.

Why does my water taste strange/metallic?

Depending on where in the UK you live, the taste of water can vary greatly. Very often, it’s reported that tap water can taste metallic or slightly bitter. This is usually the result of higher amounts of metal present in commonly used domestic plumbing, like copper and zinc. If water is left to sit in the pipework for a length of time it can take on a more noticeable flavour.

Water supplies that use a higher level of chlorine are also prone to a pronounced metallic taste due to the chemicals reacting with the material used in your plumbing system, but these are not a threat to your health. However, if your plumbing is old and there is a chance of lead contamination you should definitely get your supply tested. If you are concerned, contact your supplier for clarification.

Soft water areas are also reported to have strange or metallic tasting supplies, as do hard water areas. Hard water areas also carry the added complication of lime scale build up, particularly on appliances such as dish washers, washing machines and kettles. This is why so many corporations, businesses and schools now opt to hire or buy a water cooler, ensuring that they have access to chilled, natural mineral water, without any nasty surprises!

You can find information on our range of bottled water coolers here.

Can I get a free water cooler trial?

If you’re unsure about which water cooler would suit you, or whether you’d make the best use of one, here at CoolerAid we offer a free trial! You can ‘road test’ one of our units for 1 week without obligation, before you decide whether to commit to either purchasing or entering into a rental contract.

We’re sure you’ll love our products as much as we do, and as a CoolerAid customer, you’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager who’ll deliver the help, support and service you deserve. If you have any queries or questions, you can email us info@cooleraid.co.uk, and we’ll be happy to give you a call back at your convenience.

You can find more information about how to take advantage of our free trial here.

Can you create a charity that donates to other charities?

Yes, you can start a non-profit charity or a foundation that donates to other non-profit charities.

However, there are stringent laws and regulations to follow, and a huge amount of work (and possibly money) involved in setting up your Board of Directors, tax exempt status, and gaining the interest of potential donors and sourcing of other funding and grants.

This is why we at CoolerAid donate a percentage of our rental income, and 35 pence from every bottle of water sold, directly to the Lifeline Fund. Every penny donated is spent on helping orphaned and abandoned children in Malawi. The fund operates with zero overheads, so every donation goes direct to the point of need. This forms a central part of our corporate and social responsibility strategy, and we continue to be the principal sponsor of the Fund.

When you donate to charity, why choose one particular charity over another?

We all like to do a good deed, right? Giving to a reliable non-profit charity who work to bring relief to poverty, famine, and the abandoned has to be a good start! At a very basic level, we should choose a charity which is trustworthy and will put every penny donated to the right use. When most of us donate to a good cause, we usually and quite rightly, think with our hearts.

It’s no different at CoolerAid. The Lifeline Fund’s founder, John Searle was visiting friends in Malawi back in 1998, when he saw first-hand the desperate need that threatens so many orphans there. Since the Fund’s birth in 1999, CoolerAid have donated over £6.5 million, which has been spent on building schools and providing healthcare facilities and vocational training, ensuring John’s vision, to create self-sufficient communities, remains.

Should large companies donate more to charity?

All large companies have a responsibility to be socially and corporately responsible, which could involve giving more to charity. A socially responsible company should among other things, contribute to sustainable development, including the welfare and health of communities. Donating more money to charity will not necessarily offset socially irresponsible practices, so it is imperative that philanthropic organisations tighten up their operations in line with government guidelines on tax efficient giving.

The Lifeline Fund has always taken its responsibilities seriously, ensuring the ongoing cash injection to fund projects responsible for the creation and building of 13 support centres throughout Malawi. CoolerAid gladly and regularly donates around £50,000 per month, taking each donation at source at no extra cost to our consumers.

Should I donate to charity?

Of course it’s totally up to each individual whether they donate to charity, and also how much. But in a world where many countries and communities continue to sink into poverty and hunger and lack the knowledge or tools to work their way out of it, every donation literally is a Lifeline!

At CoolerAid, we understand that not everybody has enough disposable income to regularly give to charity, and that’s why we do it for you! 10% of the revenue from our mains fed water coolers, and 35p from every bottle of water sold goes directly to the Lifeline Fund. Your continued business means that we can keep up our regular donations.

What percentage of donations get to the charity?

Many large charities have overheads and expenditure, meaning that a good proportion of your donation won’t actually reach its intended destination. Make sure you research your charity of choice before you donate too much of your hard earned cash, as for some, as much as 80% of donations can be eaten up in expenditure!

CoolerAid’s chosen charity, The Lifeline Fund, has zero overheads and every penny goes directly to where it’s needed – funding successful projects in Malawi which help empower the young to generate a means of making an income, and more generally become self-sufficient. These projects provide the tools and knowledge to enable underprivileged youngsters to help fight poverty in a proactive manner.

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