Hot Water Dispensers and Instant Boilers

Cooleraid offer a full range of dedicated hot water boilers which are perfect for busy staff areas, supplying your staff with an unlimited supply of filtered, boiling water. Kettles are very power hungry devices that waste a huge amount of energy in a busy staff room when they are being switched on repeatedly during the course of a day. In contrast, hot water boilers actually save electricity and money through more efficient use of energy.
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Counter top eco boiler with tap

The benefits of using our hot water boilers include:

Energy Saving Hot Water Boilers 

Instant Boiling Water

Advanced carbon block filtration system

Maintenance plan included

Wall mounted or counter top

UK Manufactured

Counter Top Eco Boiler with Tap-contactless

Counter Top Eco Boiler with Tap

Easy to install and are more efficient than a kettle, helping you to save on your energy consumption and monthly bills.

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Wall Mounted Eco Boiler with Tap

For a wall mounted water boiler that provides you with an ample supply of boiling water, is reliable but more budget friendly, our WA5N range is ideal.

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Wall mounted Eco boiler - contactless
Boiler and chiller unit

Cooleraid Boiler Chiller

Ideal where space is at a premium, this stylish combined boiler and chiller unit combines both boiling and chilled water from one compact unit.

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A hot water boiler also means your staff do not waste time waiting for the kettle to boil. Instant water dispensers do just that – allow instant access to boiling water. It is also a safer way of pouring boiling water with water being dispensed either via a tap or a push button. Hot water boilers can be wall mounted or freestanding on a counter top, making it easier to dispense boiling water, and lowering the chances of accidents and spillages.

All our water boilers are fitted with an advanced carbon block filtration system to remove bacteria, impurities and chlorine, resulting in a better tasting hot drink. All rented boilers come with a fully comprehensive maintenance plan which includes regular de-scaling.

Hot Water Boilers means instant access. Saving you time and money

Never to be beaten on price.

Answer Calls within 5 rings.

No automated service.

Unrivalled service and care.

UK support, no call-centres.

Supporting the Lifeline Fund.

Our Classic instant hot water dispensers come in a range of capacities to suit all environments and come with a fast 16 minute heat up time and a minimum hourly output of 27 litres (162 cups) of piping hot water. Ideal where space is at a premium, our high performance boilers and dispensers are suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, factories and office canteens. Call us to discuss the option best suited to you.

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