5 Benefits to Having Water Coolers in the Workplace

Cooleraid • 13/10/2021

As we continue to return to normal work practices, productivity and comfortability of staff is at the forefront of our minds. Water coolers provide a wide range of benefits within the workplace – which will have you jumping at the opportunity to deck out your offices with this equipment!

  1. Boost productivity

Drinking water is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated helps in concentration, energy levels, stress levels and improves mood. Dehydration has many negative effects on the body – poor concentration, headaches, dizziness and lethargy. All opposing factors of maintaining a motivated and healthy workforce. The NHS recommend that we are drinking regularly and consume 6-8 drinks a day – ensuring we only reap the benefits of being hydrated.

  1. Sustainability

Equipping offices with water coolers reduces waste in the workplace and promotes a greener image. Water coolers allow staff to drink the right amount of water daily, all while reusing water bottles and avoiding single use glass and plastic. Water coolers also further support water sustainability with staff only using the amount of water necessary.

  1. Tastes better

Water coolers are a way to offer a constant supply of chilled and filtered water in the workplace. Providing a better tasting way to keep hydrated and ensuring anything else that is added to the water tastes even better!

  1. Instant hot water

Water coolers can also supply the function of instant hot water just like the Soprano. Allowing staff to enjoy hot drinks with ease or food that will require added hot water with a quick push of a button.

  1. Saves employees money

Providing the office with a water cooler allows staff to avoid the costly repurchases of bottled water. Instead of making a weekly investment into stocking up the fridge with their favourite branded bottled water, a trusty reusable water bottle could become a loyal companion.

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