8 Tips to Drink More Water

Cooleraid • 03/09/2018

As our summer draws to a close and we gear up for autumn, we might all convince ourselves that the weather is going to be cold, and we pack away our summer wardrobes and pull out our comfy woollies and thick socks!  But our extreme weather trends lately see us set for some more warm weather well into October.  It’s really important that we remember to take care of ourselves, and keep up our healthy diet and hydration, so that when the weather does cool down for hibernation season, we’re ready for it!

Below are some tips and reminders about how we can manage our water intake throughout the day, ensuring we reach the magic 2 litres!

  1. Wakey wakey!

When you wake from your night’s sleep, it’s likely that you won’t have taken in any fluids for the last eight hours or so. Have a glass as soon as you get out of bed. It’s a good start!

  1. Replace your Caffeine fix

If you’re like us, the first thing you do when you get to the kitchen in the morning is flick on the kettle to make tea or coffee.  Try hot water with a squeeze of lemon instead – a great detox and calorie free!

  1. Invest in a bottle

Buying a reusable water bottle can be as cheap or expensive as you like.  There are thousands on the market, but all have one function – to get us to drink water. Keeping your bottle topped up and with you at all times will remind you to drink plenty.

  1. Set alarm bells ringing!

If you get really engrossed in your work, or forget what time of day it is, set alarms on your phone every hour or so to remind you to drink. Stretch your legs by walking to the water cooler – you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Prone to Snacking?

When you’re a bit peckish, it may well be that in reality you’re thirsty. Have some water and wait a few minutes. If you no longer have the hunger pangs, you’ll have your answer!

  1. Refill your body!

When we go for a wee, we’re essentially losing water.  Replenish it every time you go and your internal systems will all be functioning as they should!

  1. Eat as much water as you can

You did read that correctly!  Water rich foods are a great source of hydration, and there are so many to choose from, with fruit and vegetables being at the top of our go to list!

  1. Drink plenty if you want to drink plenty!

Whether you like a social drink now and again, or are a complete party animal, it’s vital to try and match your alcoholic drinks with water. One for one should see your hangover kept to a minimum and will also help flush some of those alcohol toxins from your body more quickly.

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