Help To Solve Our Plastics Crisis With A New And Innovative Solution

Cooleraid • 03/12/2018

With plastic being such a hot topic, and the detrimental effect that it is having on our planet at the moment, it’s no wonder that we’re all looking for alternative ways to reuse and recycle our household plastics. Knowing that if we dispose of them in a waste bin, they could end up in landfill or worse still our oceans, we’re all now having to think about how to safely dispose of plastics so that the impact causes no harm to our environment or our wildlife.

Fear not though, because if we all do a little bit to help, the impact could be more positive than we could believe.  There is a new trend sweeping the globe, and it’s so simple everybody can take part.  It’s called Ecobricking. This is where you tightly pack all your waste plastic into empty plastic bottles (using a bamboo or wooden stick to push the waste into the bottle) to a set density. Once packed and weighed these bottles make ‘bricks’ which can be used for building anything from construction to furniture!

Although Ecobricks are a versatile building material, you may not want or need to use them yourself.  There are many ‘drop off’ sites across the country that will take your finished bricks, and either use them for projects they have underway, or share them with partners.

Full instructions and guidelines about how to make and what to include in your Ecobricks can be found on the Ecobricks website along with all the information you need about how the movement started, and tips and ideas about how to use your Ecobricks should you wish to.

Here at Cooleraid, all of our bottles are reused and recycled so we already have our finger on the pulse with regard to the impact discarded plastics have on our ecosystem.  But there are some that still throw away plastics with little regard to how they will affect the future survival of some of our more endangered species, and indeed our environment.

We should all be aware, we should teach our children, and we should do it now before it’s too late.

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