How Important is it to Drink Water During Exercise?

Cooleraid • 03/05/2019

Whilst we all know the importance of drinking enough water to maintain our general health, many don’t realise the effect dehydration can have on our bodies.  The same can be said - not just during exercise - but before and after too.

Many people who suffer with headaches, feeling tired, poor performance when exercising, breakouts or bad skin, insomnia or trouble sleeping, are often just a little dehydrated.  These same people can be the ones who go out for a run, or to the gym without a bottle of water.  As we are made up of mostly water, it’s vitally important to stay hydrated so that the normal functions of our body aren’t interrupted.

This is why we need to listen to our bodies, and more so when we exercise.  Don’t wait for the tell-tale signs though - drink water throughout the day and increase it during strenuous or physical activity.  In just one hour of exercise, the body can lose more than 25% of its water content.  This can lead to muscle fatigue and cramps and then loss of coordination.  If you are finding it hard to finish your exercise session, drink some water and you may find it’s all you need to get going again!

There is further good news for those of us wanting to lose a few pounds! Studies have shown that drinking 2 glasses of water before a meal can help dieters lose nearly half a stone in a year, and also to maintain that weight loss.  This combined with regular exercise will have us trim in no time!

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