Hydrate your Body, and your Mind

Cooleraid • 03/05/2017

With summer only just around the corner, it’s really important that we get geared up for it.  One of the most valuable commodities on the planet is perhaps the most valuable commodity to us as humans.  Water.  Without it, we wouldn’t survive more than a few days, and it is fundamental in transporting all the nutrients and oxygen around our bodies in order for us to remain healthy.  So with some hot weather just over the horizon, it’s even more crucial that we all stay hydrated.

The Stats

82% of our blood is made up of water, and 90% of our lungs.  Our brains are a huge 95% water, so if we don’t take on enough water throughout the day to keep these levels topped up, then we can rapidly begin to feel unwell; our brains can shrink causing headaches and fatigue.

The Health Benefit

As well as general health for the mind and body, water is essential for absorbing nutrients as well as certain chemical reactions; brain function and memory performance to name a couple.

Healthy Joints

Water helps keep our joints healthy, as the synovial fluid that protects them contains water, so if our hydration levels are depleted there will be less synovial fluid to give that all important protection, thus resulting in greater stress around our joints.

Clearer Skin

Drinking more water will help to keep our skin clear by flushing out all manner of nasty toxins, and this will see an overall improvement in our skin’s appearance; fewer blemishes and wrinkles!

Eliminating Water Retention

If you are prone to water retention, then drinking water will help combat this.  It’s due to dehydration that our bodies cling on to every drop of water possible as a kind of survival reaction, and the first visual signs of this are swollen hands, feet and ankles.  By drinking more water our bodies won’t feel under threat of dehydration, and will maintain their usual processes, and therefore eradicate the need to retain extra fluid.

Be kind to Yourself, and to Others

Most employers worth their salt know that it’s important to maintain the well-being of their employees, and what a knock on effect a healthy workforce will have on productivity in the workplace.  By installing a water cooler in the office, workers can have a steady supply of water on hand and are easily able to stay hydrated, particularly in the hot summer months. There will be a decrease in fatigue and lethargy, and hopefully an increase in performance!

We all strive to be as healthy as possible.  By drinking more water we’ll be well on our way!

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