Resolution Resolutions for 2020!

Cooleraid • 06/01/2020

We all head into the New Year full of promises we’ve made to ourselves; we’ll be healthier, fitter, kinder and in general more positive about the choices we make.  Changing bad habits is no mean feat, so it’s important to get the right mind-set before embarking on any drastic changes.

Your resolutions may be focused to areas that you need to improve, so be sure to congratulate yourself at appropriate milestones when you reach them.  See the bigger picture – not quick fixes that won’t last!

Another way to look at things is to make some smaller changes first before launching into anything life changing.  For example, rather than deciding you need to lose 2 stone, why not pledge to eat a healthy diet?  As long as you cut down on fats and sugars, you’ll more likely than not lose pounds without even realising it.  Drinking more water will also help, as it aids digestion. Perhaps you could throw away your scales – the pressure of seeing those numbers is quite often what derails the best weight loss intentions. Go by the fit of your clothes, or take measurements instead.

Whatever your resolution, keep some simple rules in place to help you stay on track. They could be things like:

  • Setting small goals to motivate you. Bitesize chunks is the way to go. Don’t overload your mind with too much clutter; keeping things simple will ease the way.
  • Limiting your resolutions to a manageable amount. As we said above, you don’t need to overload your mind with clutter. You still need to be able to focus on other important stuff.
  • Writing your goals and aspirations down. The act of writing itself signals intent, and having a visual reminder or ‘prompt’ will only help in your success.
  • Sharing your resolution journey with others. This will make you more accountable. If others are in the know, they’ll want to see your progress too.
  • Reviewing your progress, and not punishing yourself if you slip. Falling ‘off the wagon’ needn’t be the end – after all, tomorrow is another day.  Just dust yourself down and climb back on!
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