Seven Anti-Ageing Benefits of Lemon Water

Cooleraid • 02/03/2017

Time and time again we keep hearing about the benefits of starting the day with hot water and lemon. A cleansing way to begin the day but one that also offers antibacterial and antiviral properties benefiting the skin as well as the immune system. By continuing with lemon water throughout the day you can profit from some amazing anti-ageing effects.

Increasing your collagen

Collagen, one of the building blocks of the skin, reduces as we get older leading to sagging, lined skin. Vitamin C helps to make collagen in the body and water helps collagen work efficiently preventing premature ageing. Good hydration keeps the cells plum and together with the benefit of vitamin C will keep the protective properties of your skin functioning well.

Reduce carb absorption

As we get older we notice the effects of a life of carbohydrate consumption! When eaten to excess without a properly balance diet, carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. Drinking water before and after a meal can prevent us from over eating and by adding lemon to your water, the citric acid can slow down the absorption of carbs, which as you get older can help you avoid age related weight gain.

Keep the veins at bay

Rutin and hesperidin are bioflavonoids found in lemon peel and membrane which are known to strengthen vein structure. As we age, thread veins can appear all over our body and if we are prone, we can develop varicose veins in our legs as our vascular structure weakens over the years. Keeping active and well hydrated with lemon water can help keep those veins at bay.

A healthy liver

As we get older our enzyme production reduces but we can support our liver in its production of enzymes by drinking lemon water. The liver can produce more enzymes from lemons than any other food supporting the absorption of fatty acids which keep our joints functioning well and our skin young.

Fight free radicals

A great source of antioxidants, drinking lemon water helps us fight the free radicals that the body is bombarded with on a daily basis from a variety of sources. Contributing to the ageing process, you can prevent damage from free radicals with lemon water. It’s one of the simplest, most cost effective ant-ageing tips you can take advantage of!

Could it help age related disease?

Free radicals can also play a role in age related diseases such Parkinson’s and arthritis therefore ingesting antioxidants can help. Research has shown bioflavonoids and vitamin C found in lemons have been shown to support the prevention of such diseases.

Boost your system

The powerful mix of antioxidants, vitamin C and bioflavonoids found in lemons together with the hydrating effects of water helps the body boost the immune system and fight infection. An over stressed immune system ages the body as it fights off infection instead of repairing and healing cells. All the more reason to keep drinking water with the added benefit of a slice of lemon!

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