Spruce up your Water for Spring!

Cooleraid • 02/02/2018

With Spring just around the corner we’ll hopefully see a little rise in the temperature, and more than a few of us will be looking to start getting a bit fitter (as well as leaner) in preparation for the Summer. One of the most important factors in this preparation has to be our water intake. It can be seen as a little boring, particularly when all you want is a can of something fizzy, laden with sugar to give you that all important energy boost. There are so many ways you can drink plenty of water, so try to combine it with natural sugars for a healthier boost. Fruit and vegetable infusions are the perfect alternative to plain old water! Sliced or diced, you’ll jazz up your water so much you’ll almost feel like you’re drinking a cocktail! Here are some ideas to try:

• Strawberry and cucumber.
It may seem like more of a summer drink, but as you can buy strawberries pretty much all year round, it’s the perfect one to get you excited for summer! No alcohol needed here!

• Orange, lemon and fennel
This one will give your water a really sophisticated twist. The aniseed taste of the fennel really compliments the citrus flavours of the orange and lemon.

• Melon and mint
Slice or dice some melon and add it to a glass of iced water along with a sprig of mint leaves. With melon being so versatile, you could freeze some first and use it as the ice cubes!

• Apple and cinnamon
Perfect when you’re on the cusp. Spring can be lovely and warm, or it can still be bitterly cold. An infusion of apple and cinnamon can be a perfectly refreshing tall cool drink, or added to a mug of hot water on those cooler days for a cosy winter warmer!

• Grapefruit
If you want a shot of vitamin C without going down the usual orange route then this is the one for you! A classic citrus burst but with a slightly sour taste, perfect if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

• Tomato, celery and pepper
Salad in a glass! A sure way to brighten up your water with an ultra-healthy infusion. Providing you eat what’s in the glass after you’ve drunk the water, you’ll expend more calories munching through that celery than you’ll consume. A winner if ever there was one!

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