Water A Tool For Anti-Ageing? Cooleraid Has The Answers

Cooleraid • 08/06/2016

We already know water is bursting with amazing benefits for your health, but did you also know it can be a great little tool for combatting anti-ageing too? Not only is it a fantastic for losing weight, keeping your joints healthy and removing waste from the body – it can help with those annoying fine lines and dark circles that suddenly seem to have appeared!

Our cells, on average, are made up of between 55 and 78% water, and whilst our cells need nutrients to survive they also need water too! Without water, our cells suffer from the consequences of dehydration which can result in reduced skin elasticity (and not to mention extreme thirst, headaches and reduced urine production). Ensuring you drink plenty of water, it will enable your skin to remain hydrated and healthy! You reduce the risk of dry and tight skin, and due to dry skin having less resilience and being more prone to wrinkling it’s important you don’t let this happen.

Due to the fantastic capabilities of water, it also reduces the toxins in your body which encourages smoother, healthier skin. If eye bags are causing you grief then gently rubbing an ice cube around the affected areas can reduce swelling and tighten the area. Ideal for a quick fix if you’re heading out!

So how much water should we be drinking in order to maintain our hydration levels? It’s recommended that eight glasses of water is the perfect amount, and if you’re exercising then you should ideally drink an additional 8 oz of water for roughly every 20 minutes of exercise.

You should also try and avoid sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, and too much caffeine. In an ideal world, the only fluid you should be drinking is good old, plain water! And of course, there are also high-water content foods to consider too. From strawberries, to watermelon and grapes!

Water is your new anti-ageing tool.

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