Why Your Workplace Needs a Watercooler

Cooleraid • 07/11/2016

Remaining hydrated throughout the working day is extremely important for concentration, efficiency and overall performance. We all know that as humans, we need a sufficient amount of water in order to keep our bodies happily ticking over, and our vital organs in good order. To avoid common ailments such as fatigue, migraines and even kidney infections, drinking plenty of water on a regular basis is vital. From an employer point of view, ensuring that staff productivity levels don’t drop by simply providing a water cooler seems quite good value for money, don’t you agree?

If your office or workplace is without a water cooler, perhaps this should be looked at! Studies have shown that the average worker takes 6.5 days sick leave in a year. It can cost employers huge amounts of money, paying for absence and recruiting temporary staff. Dehydration can be held responsible for a number of illnesses, and you might not even connect the two straight away! The importance of a supply of filtered, chilled water really does speak for itself and if this can help to reduce staff sick days then it's most definitely worth the investment!

In an average day we lose water from our bodies through urine, perspiration and evaporation from our lungs when we exhale. You may think a glass or two of water will see you through the day but you should ideally be aiming for 8 glasses from the moment you wake up until you shut your eyes for a night’s sleep. This is why it's so important to ensure that you have a regular supply of water available to you throughout the day.

Stuck for space? If your office is limited in terms of space for a freestanding water cooler then there are other options available. Our desktop water coolers are compact and sit nicely on a kitchen side, taking up little space and offering a hassle free design.

As we creep into winter you may be opting for a hot drink to warm you up in these low temperatures. Our countertop hot water boilers are an office must-have providing a constant flow of hot water, and they’re also much more efficient than kettles. Conserve energy and money with a hot water boiler, whilst providing your workforce with an unlimited supply of water for their cup of tea or coffee. Be sure to keep drinking a glass of water alongside caffeine drinks, as these can actually dehydrate you!

Is it time your office invested in a water cooler? View our range of office watercoolers here.

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