The World Class Filtration System



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All our CoolerAid mains water coolers and boilers use the WRAS approved Doulton filtration system. Doulton water filters have been continuously manufactured in the UK for over 150 years, and are in daily use worldwide in over 140 countries. This expertise ensures that our customers can expect exacting standards of quality from the filters we provide.

Doulton selects the best filter materials to achieve the highest efficiency rating in reducing harmful parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia (99.95% reduction). The filters have an absolute filtration rating of below 1 micron, which will provide full protection against all pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria. They are also silver-impregnated stopping any bacterial growth on the surface of the filter.

The standard filter we use is the SUPERCARBT, which is specifically designed for use with mains water systems. The filter has all the benefits of a SterasylT ceramic microfilter, fitted with an activated carbon block insert. If requested, we can also offer the ULTRACARBT filter, which has the same capabilities as the SUPERCARBT with the added benefit of lead removal.


Activated carbon is very effective at removing chlorine and organics from water whilst leaving the essential minerals that are beneficial to health. Above all, you get safe, pure, great tasting water.