Boiler / Chiller – CH1000

Convenient and cost-efficient, the CH1000 gives the flexibility of providing filtered hot and chilled water on tap. Counter mounted with integral drip tray. Designed for direct connection to a potable cold water supply with a minimum pressure of two bar. Capable of delivering 60-80 cups of chilled water per hour and up to 160-170 cups of boiling water per hour.

  • Constant hot water at 98°C
  • Over 60 cups per hour of chilled water at <11°C
  • In-line filter for fresh, clean-tasting water
  • Easy to use non-drip taps
  • Compact, reliable and long-lasting
  • Complete with moulded plug



Model Dimensions (mm) Capacity of Boiling Water
Hourly Output Hot Hourly Output Cold
H W D Litres Cups Mugs Cups
CH1000 (3kW) 579 270 503 28 170 109 60-80

CH1000 Boiler Chiller