Counter Top Eco-Water Boilers

Our classic counter top water boilers have a superfast heat up time and a minimum hourly output of 28 litres (166 cups) of piping hot water. Ideal where space is at a premium, these high performance boilers are suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, factory and office canteens, certainly ideal for customers who want the best possible quality. Our range of Eco Boilers have a power output of 3kW with the average power consumption being 0.12kW per hour on stand-by.

  • UK Manufactured
  • Built in Eco Mode
  • Energy Efficient
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Complementary drip tray
  • Well insulated for minimal heat loss
  • WRAS approved
Model Dimensions (mm) Capacity of Boiling Water
Initial Draw-off Hourly Output
H W D Litres Cups Mugs Litres Cups Mugs
Classic 5 Litre Counter Top Boiler (Eco Boiler T5) 465 212 505 5 30 20 28 166 108
Classic 10 Litre Counter Top Boiler (Eco Boiler T10) 590 212 505 10 60 40 28 166 108