Eclipse Counter Top Water Boiler

Brand new range of water boilers that put everyone else’s in the shade! Ideal for small to medium applications and where space is limited. This advanced boiler is eco-friendly as you can reduce the capacity by half at times when the use is lighter, thus saving on running costs. With a state of the art design and revolutionary handle which kills all bacteria on contact.

  • UK made
  • Steri-touch antibacterical protection
  • Energy-saving function
  • Built in scale-inhibitor
  • Reliable
  • Modern stylish design
  • Complementary spill tray
Model Dimensions (mm) Capacity of Boiling Water
Initial Draw-off Hourly Output
Eclipse H W D Litres Cups Mugs Litres Cups Mugs
3C5C 440 240 355 5 30 20 25 155 100
3C10 570 240 355 10 60 40 30 185 118

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