EzyTap 75 / 7800

The EzyTap provides instant boiling water with either ambient or chilled water depending on the model all with unique scale protection.


  • Stylish chrome faucet with easy to use electronic controls
  • Flashing indicator when heating
  • Hot water safety tap
  • Dispensing height of 20cm

Under Sink Systems

  • EzyTap75 provides hot and ambient water
  • EzyTap7800 provides hot and chilled water
  • Powerful 2kW ring type heating element for fast heat conduction

Venting An expansion chamber absorbs the steam/water pressure created during boiling and reduces the risk of drips of water or steam from the tap.

Model Hourly Output Dimensions (mm) Temp
Hot Ambient Chilled
EZYTAP75 14ltr Indefinite n/a 329h, 220w, 52d 98C max
EZYTAP7800 14ltr n/a 8ltr Boiler 329h, 220w, 352d 98C max
Chiller 265h, 200w, 380d 6 – 10C