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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of water coolers, water dispensers, boilers, electronic taps & bottle filling stations, we want to continue to guarantee the best possible price for our customers.
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Hot Water Dispensers & Electronic Taps Promotion

Hot Water Dispensers & Electronic Taps - available hot/cold or hot/cold and sparkling... are must have products for the Winter months and all year round! Offering instant boiling water safely, with a sleek and stylish design and suitable for a range of environments.

Luckily, CoolerAid have the solution you all deserve to battle the cold!

Throughout the cold winter months, CoolerAid are offering the first 3 months rental FREE OF CHARGE on our Hot Water Dispensers, Instant Boilers and our fantastic range of electronic taps that offer both chilled and boiling water.

Just fill out our quick contact form and a member of the team with soon be in touch!

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