The Story of Cooleraid and the Lifeline Fund

We pride ourselves on great service, value for money and quality of products. We like to keep all our customers updated on what goes on in Malawi. The money that we donate each month makes a massive difference. Read our newsletters below and see the difference The Lifeline Fund makes.

We Are Proud to be Behind the Lifeline Fund

At CoolerAid our business objective is to provide all our customers with high quality water systems at the most competitive price. Having achieved this, we then donate 10% of our rental revenue from mains-fed coolers and 35 pence from every bottle of water sold to the Lifeline Fund, which brings much needed relief to orphaned and abandoned children in Malawi. In addition, the Fund operates with zero overheads, so every penny of our donation goes direct to the point of need. This forms a central part of our corporate and social responsibility strategy and we continue to be the principle sponsor of the Fund.

Our care to our customers means valued care to orphaned or abandoned children in Malawi.

Image of two Malawi Lifeline fund success stories

The Lifeline Story

While visiting friends in Malawi in 1998, John Searle saw at first hand the desperate need that threatens so many orphans there, and in June 1999 he founded the Lifeline Fund. Since then, donations have been put to very good use in bringing relief to poverty, famine, and the abandoned. It is a big task, but equally Lifeline has made a big difference to the lives of thousands.

From building schools to providing healthcare facilities and vocational training John’s vision remains to create self-sufficient communities. This is important as help that is provided to the one benefit the many. The Lifeline supports infants to adults with an emphasis in empowering the young to generate a means of making an income and more generally become self-sufficient. Such as the Aged Project Trust where the elderly is supported to grow and harvest their own crops. For some harrowingly it is just about keeping alive and Lifeline is there when the very basics are needed.

Since 1999, when the charity was founded, the Fund has built an orphan village in Namisu which is home to over 115 children, built 2 schools in Namisu and Namarita which are both the top schools in their zone, we have also built and staffed 2 clinics, and 9 day-care centres, with an average of 120 orphans at each. We have built day-care centres in; Bethel, Funsani, Gomani, Kambilongo, Khombwe, Lisungwe, Maliya, Mwanza, Namaritha, Namisu, Ngabo and Thyolo. They have all been built with an emphasis on self-sufficiency, staff at the centre includes a trained and qualified teacher, an administrator, cooks, cleaners, security guards and assistant teachers, there are also facilities at each centre to be able to manufacture clothes.

Image of malawi boy drinking clean water - cooleraid lifeline fund

Some Of The Lifeline Milestones

The Lifeline Fund is currently responsible for the creation and building of 13 support centres throughout Malawi. This includes an Infant Rescue centre, disabled centre, nurseries, and secondary schools along with literally hundreds of boreholes.

The village at Namisu cares for orphans, near Blantyre. The orphanage is home to over 115 children and another 400 benefit from day care. The village provides healthcare, schooling, agriculture and vocational training.

Further schools have been built, including one at Namarita, near Zomba, where no educational facilities had ever existed. As many as 500 pupils enjoy these facilities, and a further 120 children benefit from a thriving nursery school.

Under the Scholarship Scheme, young people are studying agriculture and irrigation at University, while others undertake training in nursing, teaching and various trades such as carpentry. To date 600 young people have benefited from the program, many are now professionals such as doctors, teacher and mechanics. The Lifeline fund has not only built hope for them but also support for their extended families.

These are just some of the initiatives that Lifeline has been able to realise since 1999. To find out more about the Lifeline Fund or if you are interested in helping please contact John Searle on 01223 276710.

Make A Difference

Cooleraid has been running a successful business since 1993. In this time the support from our customers has been extremely important in supporting our Lifeline Fund in Malawi. We have documented our journey through the years, seeing how we have helped so many lives, such as Joseph Benjamin.

John R. Searle, Lifeline Fund Co Ordinator Writes:

“I found Joseph in Chikwawa district, shortly after leaving our feeding station at Dyinthenga. He had begged a piece of sugar cane from a roadside vendor, and was seriously malnourished.

He was suffering from a ghastly septic wound on his chest which was smothered with flies. His father had passed away leaving his mother destitute with several children. Joseph became a casualty of extreme poverty. I learned that his chest wound had begun as a deep scratch in 1996, when Joseph was just 4 years old, and due to a lack of medical attention, (which costs money), the infection spread until only an expensive and prolonged period of treatment in hospital could save him”.

Joseph Benjamin, 2002

Joseph Image 1

Joseph Benjamin, 2019

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