In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your machine, please in the first instance refer to the below troubleshooting. If you are unable to resolve the issue with these small checks, please call the office on 01223 830400.

Has your cooler stopped chilling the water?

  • Check the mains plug is pushed into the socket and check that it is switched on
  • Check that the power lead at the back of the cooler is pushed firmly in. This is like a kettle flex and can work loose if the cooler is moved to be cleaned around
  • Check that the red switch on the back of the cooler is turned on
  • Make sure that the water cooler has not been heavily used prior to your use. If it has it will just need a little time to refill and chill the water
  • If you have tried all of the above and your cooler still isn't chilling we would advise adjusting the thermostat on the back of the cooler. There is a flat head screw situated at the top and back of the cooler. Turn this screw 180 degrees to the right/clockwise and your cooler should be chilling after around 15 minutes

Has your boiler stopped dispensing boiling water?

  • Check the mains plug is pushed into the socket and check that it is switched on
  • Please turn the boiler off at the plug, empty all of the water from the boiler through the tap and leave for 5 mins. After 5 minutes turn it back on and this will hopefully reset the boiler
  • Make sure that the water boiler has not been heavily used prior to your use. If it has it will just need a little time to refill and reheat the water

Does the cooler/boiler appear to be leaking?

  • Check that the drip tray is not overflowing. If the drip tray is full, please just remove the drip tray from the front of the cooler/boiler and empty the contents down a sink or into a drain.
  • Check that nothing else around the machine could be leaking
  • Check that there has not been a spillage

Has your cooler/boiler stopped dispensing water?

  • Make sure that the small blue isolation valve at the back of the cooler/boiler, normally within a meter is in line with the plastic tube. If it is at 90 degrees to the pipe, turn in line and this will allow water back into your cooler/boiler
  • Make sure that the cooler/boiler has not been heavily used just before. If it has, the cooler will just need time to refill
  • Make sure that the water supply has not been turned off at the point of connection to the copper pipe

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, contact us on 01223 830400 and we will be happy to help.

**Call out charges will apply where there is no fault with the equipment**

Important Notice

IN THE EVENT OF A LEAK – The water shut off valve is located on the plastic pipe at the back of the cooler approx. 1m away. Turn this so it is no longer in line with the pipe to shut off the supply and turn off the power.

Your cooler is plumbed into the drinking water supply. In the unlikely event of an “Emergency Notice” being announced by your local water company not to drink the water, please:

Put a notice on the cooler “DO NOT USE” and Contact us IMMEDIATELY.


Do Not:

  • Use the cooler as a storage shelf for food or plants
  • Pour any unused water or beverage into the drip tray
  • Touch the nozzles of the dispensing taps
  • Use sprays, mists or vapours around the Cooler


  • Empty the drip tray and wash out regularly
  • If you have an overflow container, empty and wash regularly
  • Wipe the outside surfaces of the cooler with non-scented sanitising cleaner regularly
  • Run off 2 litres of water from the taps after period of non-use


Do Not:

  • Change the fuse rating from that installed by the cooler provider
  • Leave the cooler plugged into the power supply when disconnected from the drinking water supply
  • Attempt to relocate the cooler


  • Report any faults to us
  • Have the cooler PAT tested annually
  • Allow at least 70mm for ventilation all around the cooler
  • Know the location of the drinking water isolation valve
Note: your coolers will be sanitised and filter changed by us every six months. However, please ensure that you maintain a good level of hygiene between visits at all times paying particular attention to the taps and other contact points.
Ensure water and power is always on unless there is a fault.
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