Hot Water Dispensers & Water Coolers for Your Commercial Office.

Are you looking for an effective water supplier that can deliver an excellent service and refreshing pure water to your commercial office? We specialise in hydrating the nation, providing an unparalleled level of customer care and the highest quality water coolers and dispensers for bottled drinking water.

Service, Value, Hydration!

Staying hydrated in the office is essential! The provision of hot and cold drinking water for employees is a necessity and a legal requirement. This seems obvious but providing access to fresh filtered water is vital for our overall health; it increases your energy levels, brain function and level of focus. We offer a wide range of products that can meet the needs of your business keeping the team fully hydrated and healthy.

Our water coolers are available to rent or purchase and are incredibly versatile, suiting all types of commercial facilities and offering a solution at an affordable cost. Our mains fed water coolers dispense an unlimited amount of freshwater that is crisp and refreshing. If your building has limited access to mains then our bottled drinking water coolers are a great alternative, allowing you to move them around the building, delivering flexibility and simplicity.

Our hot water dispensers are the perfect solution for busy businesses, taking only 16 minutes to heat up and holding a minimum of 27 litres of boiling water. We have a selection of water boilers that are cost effective, saving you money by using less electricity compared to the average kettle. Why not start your free trial today?

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