Platinum Bottled Water Cooler

Stylish, sleek and a well designed cooler. This is the most popular of all our water coolers and will look good in any environment.

  • Available in Floor standing and Desktop
  • Ambient and cold or Hot and Cold
  • Silver or graphite colour choice
  • Optional 20lt drip tray overflow


Lift out design. High impact durable plastic. Drainable drip tray which is able to be expanded to hold 20lts of excess waste concealed inside the cooler for hygienic dispense.


Lever type. Made of high impact durable ABS. Safety taps designed for hot tap. Easy to wipe and keep clean.

Removable lower front panel

For easy access inside the machine and to remove the excess waste from the drip tray
(if required)

Temperature Control

This unit is equipped with individual IC board control on cold, room or hot system internally to provide cold, room or hot water 24 hours a day.

Cooling System

Stainless steel 3 Litre cold water tank.

Thermostatically controlled from 4-11 degrees Celsius.

Heating System

Stainless Steel 2 Litre tank.

Thermostatically controlled at 94 degrees Celsius.

Power supply

240 Volt, 50/60Hz. 3 pin plug and 180cm power cord.


Floor standing: H 108cm x W 33cm x D 36cm

Desktop: H 50cm x W 33cm x D 36cm