Arctic Chill Mains Fed Water Cooler

This cooler is ideal for schools and gyms, and with a single push button operation and a nozzle outlet allowing jugs, glasses or bottles to be easily filled.

  • High Chilling Capacity ideal for use in busy areas
  • Deep drip tray and large nozzle allows for easy filling of Jugs and Sports Bottles
  • Can be connected to mains drainage (Optional)
  • Can be securely fixed to a wall to minimize risk of vandalism (Optional)
  • Comes fitted with a unique ‘Floodguard’ flood prevention system


Cold rolled 20 gauge embossed steel with Acrylic Finish.


Lift-out design which can be connected to mains drainage, made from High-Impact durable plastic with removable anti-splash grid.


Push and Hold solenoid dispensing tap, fitted with a ‘HygieneGuard’ tap cover. The silver impregnated tap cover is designed to prevent hand-to-tap bacterial contamination.

Compressor & Refrigeration System

Stainless steel hermetically sealed 1.9 litre direct chill pressure tank, thermostatically controlled between 5 – 7 degrees celsius.
High Volume/High Performance hermetically sealed compressor using R134a refrigerant.


Quiet, air cooled, static condenser.

High Capacity Chill

40 Litres Per Hour with an immediate draw-off of 120 cups, all below 12 degrees celsius.

Power supply

220 Volt, 50/60Hz. 3-Pin plug with 180cm power cord.


H 118cm x W 34cm x D 34cm