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With social distancing now being part of everyday life, we believe that contactless dispensers are the way forward. Cooleraid can offer your business a full range of contactless water coolers, contactless bottle filling stations and contactless hot water boilers.
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Contactless Floor Standing Bottle Filling Station

The benefits of our contactless dispensers:

Contactless dispense for improved hygiene

Rental charge includes all on site maintenance

Covid friendly

Help protect your staff and customers

Options to suit all budgets

Systems suitable for all environments

soprano main fed water cooler

Soprano Mains Fed Water Cooler

The all new Soprano mains fed water cooler is a Cooleraid exclusive. This state of the art water cooler redefines industry standards for the provision of chilled drinking water in the office.

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Arctic Chill 88 Contactless Mains Fed Water Cooler

The Arctic chill 88 cooler has the ability to produce up to 40 litres of cool drinking water every hour, making it perfectly suited to high traffic environments.

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Arctic 88 with sensor with infared symbol
Counter Top Eco Boiler with Tap-contactless

Counter Top Eco Boiler with Tap

Easy to install and are more efficient than a kettle, helping you to save on your energy consumption and monthly bills.

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Wall Mounted Eco Boiler with Tap

For a wall mounted water boiler that provides you with an ample supply of boiling water, is reliable but more budget friendly, our WA5N range is ideal.

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Wall mounted Eco boiler - contactless
Contactless Floor Standing Bottle Filling Station

Contactless Floor Standing
Bottle Filling Station

The Cooleraid contactless bottle filler offers a safe and hygienic way of dispensing large quantities of drinking water via infrared, motion sensor technology. With its high dispense area it is perfect for the filling of reusable sports bottles.

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Cooleraid Bottle Filling Station

Looking to reduce your environmental impact? The Cooleraid bottle filling station is a must-have for anywhere in need of a modern and environmentally friendly hydration solution. Not only does it look great, but it is also highly functional and allows for easy refilling of sports bottles.

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Cooleraid Bottle Filling Station
Wall mounted versa filler

Contactless Wall Mounted Versa Filler 

The Cooleraid model BF488 is a surface mounted water bottle filling station designed for refilling re-useable water bottles to promote hydration and cut down on plastic waste.

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Cooleraid Foot Pedal Bottle
Fed Water Cooler

CoolerAids contactless Bottle Fed Coolers offer significant hygiene benefits to the traditional tap dispense coolers. With its contactless dispensing of water via the use of foot pedals, our coolers provide a consistent delivery of chilled water without the need to touch or tap or press a button.

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Contactless Dispensers - Quick access to fresh and clean water safely and contactless

Never to be beaten on price.

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No automated service.

Unrivalled service and care.

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