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Environmental Policy

CoolerAid Ltd, recognises that it has a responsibility to minimise its impact on the environment through sustainable practices. We will therefore endeavour to employ best practice in all our activities and regularly review and improve them to protect our environment, our customers and our employees. We will cooperate with all sectors of the community in appropriate initiatives designed to improve our standard of environmental care.

Our Objectives are to:

Minimise adverse environmental effects by making the most effective use of energy and materials.

Minimise the generation of avoidable waste.

Prevent pollution by controlling the disposal of waste.

Comply with the requirements of relevant environmental standards.

Endeavour to attain continuous improvement of environmental performance.

These Objectives will be achieved by:

Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Environmental Management System.

Involving employees in activities aimed at reducing the generation of avoidable waste.

Assessing equipment and systems to minimise adverse environmental effects.

Developing environmentally suitable procedures for all our activities.

Improving employee awareness by providing information, instruction and training.

Maintaining environmental performance records and using them to improve performance through waste reduction, waste disposal control and recycling programmes.

Implementing incident investigation procedures to assist in preventing recurrences.

Maintaining good relationships with authorities, consultative bodies, suppliers and customers to ensure environmentally safe services.

Assigning responsibility for environmental matters to a member of the senior management team and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to implement environmental controls.

Regular review of policy implementation by the senior management team.


CoolerAid Ltd is responsible for ensuring that the Policy is implemented. Department Managers are responsible for implementing the Policy in their departments. All employees are responsible for their performance and any actions that may have an environmental impact. CoolerAid Ltd is responsible for co-ordinating environmental activities, supporting others on environmental matters and managing all internal and external communications regarding environmental matters. Contractors will be expected to co-operate with our environmental requirements whenever working on our site.

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