The Benefits of Bottle Refilling Stations

Cooleraid • 26/05/2020

Over the years, the number of single use water bottles being consumed in the UK has grown. According to Statista, 2,066 million litres of bottled water were consumed in 2013, and most recently, this figure has skyrocketed to over 2,988 million litres. However, as consumption rises so does the environmental consequences of plastic pollution across the globe. Plastic water bottles litter the streets of the UK and even make their way into the ocean, reaching the far corners of the world and severely affecting marine life.

As the amount of plastic being used continues to grow around the world, we must find a solution to this growing problem.

How Bottle Refilling Stations Reduce Environmental Impact

Most bottles are slowly making their way to being 100% recyclable, unfortunately, this is not moving fast enough. Ocean Conservancy states that 60% of seabirds have been found to have plastic in them and 100% of all sea turtle species. In addition, it is estimated that every year 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter our oceans, adding to the estimated 150 million metric tonnes currently being circulated. This has a detrimental impact on marine life and ecosystems.

The need for a more sustainable option that will protect our oceans and fulfill the thirst for on-demand water is growing, and a water bottle refill station is definitely a good solution.

Bottle Refilling Station Benefits

Bottle refilling stations have become one of the largest approaches in reducing the amount of plastic generated by water bottles. They greatly help reduce our plastic footprints and the amount making its way into oceans and landfills.

Water refilling stations also provide excellent quality water that will filter out any particles entering the waterway. This is can be very beneficial to our health and provide peace of mind to concerned people regarding water supplies.

Similarly, the water from refill stations is completely lead-free, providing an excellent tasting bottle of freshwater that did not need to be transported from the valleys to your mouth.

The mass production and transportation of bottled products across the globe can generate a lot of carbon emissions, becoming very damaging long-term. By using a bottle refilling station, you can greatly reduce the carbon footprint from these sources.

In addition, not only will bottle refilling stations help to reduce plastic, but they will also encourage people to reduce their consumption of fizzy drinks. Studies have proven that switching to water can promote a healthy lifestyle, complementing diets for short-term and long-term weight loss. 

Bottle refilling stations can also come in a range of designs and can be corporate branded, making them suitable for all settings.

Bottle Refilling Stations- The First Step Towards Sustainability

Investing in a bottle refilling station is the first vital step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of drinking. If you are looking to reduce your plastic footprint there are many reputable resources available from organisations such as the WWF and Greenpeace.

If you are a business and want to get involved in the water refill movement you can sign up your business today at Here, you can register your business as a Refill Station and join over 20,000+ businesses that are helping to reduce global plastic consumption. Not only will this contribute to positive change, but signing up your bottle refilling station here could increase footfall traffic and build your brand awareness.

Individual and Global Effort

Bottle refilling stations are a great effort to reduce the amount of plastic being used, however, it is important to investigate other methods that can help the environment. One method could be substituting plastic products for more sustainable and reusable ones. For example, using items that are recyclable such as a metal bottle can provide a plastic-free bottle refilling option. 

The UK government has also laid out strategic initiatives to help combat the global plastic problem. In 2018 a target was made to eliminate any avoidable plastic by the year 2042, including an introduction of numerous policies such as the ‘Plastic Packaging Tax’. This has led to a nationwide commitment from many UK businesses, pledging to cut down the use of single-use plastic.

The United Nations is also stepping up by building international awareness and developing strategies to eliminate unnecessary plastic use. In 2017, the Commission confirmed that they will be pursuing the goal to have all plastic packaging recyclable by the year 2030. The ambition is to ensure that adequate plastic waste prevention, collection, and recycling systems are in place across all parts of the world, developing a circular plastic industry globally.

Bottle Refilling Stations by Cooleraid

If you want to join the movement to sustainable hydration, we offer solutions that consider both the environment and your business needs. Our bottle refilling stations are contemporary, highly functional, and allow easy refilling of bottles. They can dispense up to 90 litres of chilled water per hour and are perfect for large public spaces with high footfall. Our latest featured bottle refilling station the Soprano can refill bottles via an app, enabling you to enjoy refreshing water without touching the station. We offer bespoke water stations branded and designed for your specific needs. No matter the challenge, we have the solution.

Reducing our plastic consumption is a collective effort and there are many ways that we all can move to a more sustainable life. If you would like more information about the impact of plastic across the globe check out Our World in Data for credible information.

Are you interested to find out more? Contact us today and a member of our friendly team will happily assist you! 

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