Can You go Sober for October?

Cooleraid • 02/10/2017

So many of us want to be more health conscious, but just don’t have the motivation or will power. But when cold hard cash is on the line, perhaps more of us would be more inclined to commit to a regime and stick to it, even if it’s only for a month! Fundraising is a great stimulator to those lacklustre health kick inclinations, forcing us to toe the line and boost the charity coffers!

As well as New Year, October seems to be the month where we are more proactive in kicking some of those bad habits. Whether smoking or drinking is your vice, there’s never been a better time to give up, or at least cut down. The money you would have spent can be donated to your favourite charity, and the health benefits for you will be immense.

It can be really tricky, particularly in social situations, to abstain from a drink or two, but with so many trendy soft drinks available you can still have a treat without the headache! There are countless recipes online for making your own cordials, alcohol free punches and cocktails – perfect for if you’re hosting a party.

Giving up alcohol will have many positive side effects. Within the month, you should notice that you’re sleeping better and snoring less, with increased energy levels and clearer skin. Not to mention that for 31 days you’ll have no dreaded hangovers! You may find that these changes are so beneficial that you’ll want to carry on past October, and should at the very least give you a new perspective on how you consume alcohol going forward.

Why not give it a go - there really is no reason not to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Just remember - for an all-round detox (and if all else fails), then there is a pure and simple answer to staying healthy and hydrated - good old H2O!

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