Drinking Water the Right Way

Cooleraid • 05/07/2017

We all know how healthy water is, and how it hydrates us and helps improve our physical performance.  It works wonders for us!  Nutritional experts advise us to drink an average of eight glasses a day in order to remain healthy, but did you ever think about how to make it work for us at its optimum?  Next time you reach for a glass and head over to the office water cooler, bear these tips in mind:


In the morning

A glass of water once you’re out of bed (and consumed on an empty stomach) helps to activate the body’s organs and will improve bowel function.  But drinking a glass of warm water before taking your morning shower can help to lower blood pressure by warming the body from the inside, improving the flow of blood.


Don’t over-drink

Health experts warn that drinking too much water can occasionally be dangerous to our physical and mental health.  If you’re in a hot climate where you need to drink more then do, but guidelines are there for a reason!



Although we know that drinking a glass of water before you eat will aid digestion, it can sometimes upset the digestive juices.  The best time to drink before a meal is an hour beforehand.  This will give the nutrients time to provide the body with what’s needed.


Some like it hot!

For those of us that eat a higher fat content diet, cold water could be doing more harm than good.  It can cause the fats in foods to clog, thus preventing the digestive organs from working effectively.  Hot water will help stop food from ‘stagnating’ in the stomach.


Night Night!

A glass of water an hour before bed time will help to replenish lost body fluids.  You can check this in the mornings by weighing yourself on a few consecutive days.  If you’re losing weight without trying, it could just mean that you’re not drinking enough water.

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