Why Water Coolers Need Regular Sanitising

Cooleraid • 03/08/2020

Water coolers are a staple in the workplace and are a major part of every office to help keep employees healthy and hydrated. The responsibility of providing safe drinkable water that is clean is becoming more of a focus for businesses across the world. Water coolers offer convenience for everyone so ensuring that it is in good working order and clean for communal areas is imperative. Water coolers are simple mechanisms, but they must be sanitised regularly and according to the British Water Cooler Association it must happen at least quarterly.

Why Sanitise Your Water Cooler?

Despite the times we are currently facing sanitising your water coolers should always be a top priority. Not keeping on top of your water coolers' hygiene can create the right conditions for germs to thrive. Here are some reasons why you should sanitise your water cooler.

  1. Germs passed onto the mechanisms

The rise of Covid-19 and the need for thorough cleaning practices have highlighted the dangers of viruses and germs across the globe. With people needing to refill their water bottles there are concerns that germs can transfer from the bottle dispenser to the top of the bottle.

In addition, as everyone washes their hands differently it can be concerning that the previous user has not washed their hands thoroughly before touching the communal dispenser.

By using a sanitising spray, you can eliminate any germs, bacterial build-up and more so the dispenser is germ-free.

  • Dust

Dust accumulates on most surfaces in many environments. Keeping your water cooler clean prevents people from touching a build-up of dust and grime that can accumulate over time. We suggest using a sanitiser that is a food safe antibacterial spray and having your water cooler in a well-ventilated area that will not build up dust and air-borne particles.

  • Sunlight

It is best practice to keep your water cooler out of sunlight as water being exposed to these conditions are perfect for bacteria. This is because the plastic bottle can create a humid place in some components of the system that is not good for water to pass through. As the water passes through the tap to dispense it will carry bacteria into the cup or bottle.

Regularly sanitising the water cooler and keeping a cover over the bottle will prevent this from happening and reduce the risk of a person potentially consuming harmful germs.

  • Surfaces

Having the surface of your water cooler sanitised is just as important for the health of your office. The number of people that may be coming into contact with the cooler and then touching other surfaces can pose safety risks in food and drink environments.

Ensuring the water cooler is sanitised with a spray that is safe for the application of these surfaces is vital. Using a spray that is not suitable for food and drink areas can cause tainting and risk harmful chemicals being ingested by a colleague.

Sani Spray

Sani Spray is a food safe antibacterial sanitiser that we strongly recommend for your water cooler. It has proven to kill 99.99% of germs and has passed BS EN 13697, ensuring it is completely safe for food and drinks. The sanitiser uses a non-bleaching formula, providing an excellent solution for surfaces in contact with food.

To find out more about Sani Spray, contact our friendly teams today!

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