Standard Bottled Water Cooler

Simplicity and Reliability – a welcome addition to any workplace.

  • Available in Floor standing and Desktop
  • Hot & Chilled or Ambient & Chilled
  • Large Drip Tray


Lift out design. High impact durable plastic. Removable Anti-Splash Grid.


Push type. Made of high impact durable ABS. Easy to remove and clean.

Refrigeration System

Quiet, air cooled static-type condenser. No fan required. Protected against motor overload. Unit hermetically sealed. R-134a refrigerant.

Cooling System

3 litre stainless steel cold water tank, 18 litres per hour, from 4 -12 degrees Celsius.

Heating System

2 litre stainless steel hot water tank, 5 litres per hour, from 87C to 92C, instant draw off 6 x 7oz cups at above 87C, 15 minutes recovery time. Easily accessible hot water tank drain at the back of cooler.

Power Supply

220 Volt, 50/60Hz. 3 pin plug and 180 cm power cord.


Floorstanding: H 1030mm x W 340mm x D 335mm

Desktop: H 560mm x W 340mm x D 335mm