Drinking Water Fountains

swan-neck-water-fountain11Cooleraid drinking fountains offer a versatile and reliable alternative to the classic water cooler and are perfect for busy indoor environments both indoor and outdoor, and public areas where demands for chilled water are high. Featuring a selection of floor standing and wall mounted versions, different polished finishes, and innovative technologies, our water fountains are ideal for schools, fitness clubs, waiting rooms, factories and more. Delivering up to 30 litres of chilled water per hour, Cooleraid drinking water fountains ensure your colleagues, employees and customers stay hydrated and productive throughout the day. Our water fountains are not only high functioning, they are also high quality and are built to last. Strong and dependable, our drinking water fountains are the ideal solution for any high volume workplace environments.

Talk to one of our experts to find the most suitable product for your needs. At Cooleraid, we take pride in providing high-quality water solutions that are sustainable for you and the environment. Like all of our water dispensers, Cooleraid drinking fountains connect directly to your mains water supply and will give you an unlimited supply of chilled and filtered water. By choosing a fountain you are also dramatically reducing your business’ plastic wastage, and by extension, your carbon emissions. Our drinking fountains come in a range of models, designs, finishes and even volume capacities. With filters fitted to all machines and high-flow taps, our water fountains are the perfect water solution for schools, temporary accommodations, gyms, factories and other busy settings that call for high-quality water alternatives. By using a source of water that your business is already paying for, our water fountains and mains-fed coolers prevents unnecessary costs to your business. With options to buy or rent, you can enjoy clean, fresh, great tasting water on any budget, without being caught out by any hidden costs.

To find out more about our coolers and dispensers and satisfy your thirst, please call 01223 830400 and speak to one of our experts.