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The Benefits of Bottle Refilling Stations

Over the years, the number of single use water bottles being consumed in the UK has grown. According to Statista, […]

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COVID- 19 and Water Cooler Sanitation

Last night, the Prime Minister (PM) made a public announcement addressing the nation on the current Coronavirus pandemic. He informed […]

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Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water in the UK?

A common question from people in the UK and those that are visiting is whether the tap water is safe […]

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Is it Safe to Drink Water in Plastic Bottles?

The answer if it is safe to drink water in plastic bottles varies as it depends on what plastic is […]

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What is the Environmental Impact of Plastic Cups?

Over recent years, we have seen the environmental impact of plastic cups around the world. Through decades of producing plastic […]

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Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does drinking water help you lose weight? Yes, it does. Scientific evidence suggests that not only does it help you […]

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How to Reduce your Water Footprint

Introduction To answer the question of how can you reduce your water footprint, it is important to first understand the […]

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Resolution Resolutions for 2020!

We all head into the New Year full of promises we’ve made to ourselves; we’ll be healthier, fitter, kinder and […]

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Hydration During the Winter Season

With summer now being a dim and distant memory and those cold and frosty mornings becoming standard, it’s that time […]

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Looking After Your Voice

Looking After Your Voice - Ever feel like you struggle to find your voice? We mean literally. When you first wake in the morning it might take a few minutes before the frog in your throat hops off elsewhere and you can talk in a relatively normal voice.

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