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Hydration for your Heart – And How a Water Cooler can Help!

Hydration for your heart... the heart is the body’s powerhouse: it’s the engine that drives you and none of us […]

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Why we Should all be Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach

Why should we all being drinking water on an empty stomach? It is widely known that drinking a good amount […]

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Re-fill, Hydrate – Save the Planet!

Re-filling our water bottles is a tiny change we can all make to our lives that could have a massive […]

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Do I Need to Clean My Water Cooler?

Like with most things, there’s an easy way and a hard way to approach cleaning your water cooler. A lot […]

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What Are the Benefits of Pure Water?

A lot of people think that pure water is just plain water in its most natural form. But there’s a […]

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How to Keep Your Children Hydrated This Summer

Most people now know that our bodies are mostly made up of water – 70% to be exact! Water has […]

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Is Hand Sanitiser Important in the Fight Against Coronavirus?

The panic buying as we headed into our first UK national lockdown was very, very real. Hand sanitiser was flying […]

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The Great British Cup of Tea: A National Institution

The Great British cup of tea... tea really has become the national drink of Great Britain, with an estimated 100 […]

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How Does Water Keep Your Heart Healthy?

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Every organ, tissue and cell need water in order to function properly. […]

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Is Hard Water Bad for You?

Hard and soft water have been widely known to everyone, although most people are not always familiar with the difference. […]

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