4 Good Reasons to Drink More Water During Autumn

Cooleraid • 02/11/2018

Sadly, the summer is fading into a dim and distant memory.  The scorching temperatures during those months had us all hot under the collar, and soft drink sales soared to an all-time high.  Our water consumption went up too, as we all needed to hydrate just that little bit more.  But with the temperatures now feeling like they’ve literally plummeted, it can be easy to slip back into old dehydration habits, forgetting to drink because we just don’t feel as thirsty.

Here are 4 good reasons to keep up the fluids during the autumn and heading into winter, and how it can help:

Suppress your Appetite

Drinking a glass of water before each meal will part fill your stomach, making you feel fuller.  Studies have found that regular water drinkers often consume fewer calories, so this is a great tool if you are prone to eating for the sake of it.  Don’t forget – thirst can also be mistaken for hunger, so before you reach for the biscuit tin, glug down a glass and see how you feel after!

Clear your Skin

The easiest (and cheapest!) way to keep your skin healthy and glowing, whatever the season, is to keep it hydrated.  As with all the organs of the body, a healthy intake of water will keep it ticking over at optimum function.  Water will deliver nutrients to your cells, plumping them which will keep your skin firmer.

Boost your Metabolism

Give your metabolism the best kick start by drinking first thing in the morning.  Regular exercise is an obvious way to get things going too, but combining the two will help you burn far more calories than a sedentary lifestyle.  The more water you drink, the more calories you’ll burn.

Reduce Bloating

Bloating can be caused by a number of reasons, one of which is too much salt in the diet.  Your tummy can swell, leaving you feeling lethargic and uncomfortable.  Avoiding dairy can also help, but by far the best way to avoid retaining water is to drink water. Ironic, we know, but it works. Your internal organs will be flushed of toxins and you’ll feel more energised.

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