5 Healthy Additions For Your Water Cooleraid Top Tips

Cooleraid • 01/09/2015

We all know that water is pretty amazing for our bodies, there are endless benefits! As well as ensuring you get your recommended eight glasses of healthy drinking water each day, there are a number of additional ingredients you can add to your water which each come loaded with various health benefits. So what should you be adding to your water?


You might associate cucumber water with the spa, but there’s a reason why they offer this healthy drink alongside your slippers and robes. Firstly, cucumber can work wonders for your skin since the silica and antioxidants flush away any waste, helping to keep your skin clear and reduce redness. It’s also really great for your muscles, the minerals in cucumber aid with your connective tissues well being, if you’re working out then make sure you add a few slices of cucumber to your water.


An autumn favourite of ours, adding a few generous drizzles of honey to our hot water. Not just for taste but also for other benefits including weight loss! A warm cup of honey water can help to keep your everyday sugar cravings at bay. For those that regularly drink cola with added sweeteners, you should think about swapping these drinks for honey water as it has up to 64% less calories. It also helps to breakdown your foods, so a warm cup of honey water is the ideal companion for your breakfast. As well as being an ideal ingredient for weight loss, honey is also a natural anti-oxidant and has various anti-inflammatory assets which can help prevent damage to your cells.


Similarly to honey, lemon is another winter favourite, mainly as it can be a real help with fighting off winter germs and easing the pain in our throats. As well as being a help with our winter colds it’s also good for maintaining a healthy system. Lemons are pretty ace at encouraging healthy digestion, they have an ability to loosen toxins in our digestive tracts which helps with bloating and indigestion. Lemons are also great for helping to build a stronger immune system, providing us with plenty of vitamin C!


Have you ever thought about infusing your water with a cinnamon stick? Drop a stick into a pitcher of water and leave overnight, this way the water will become lightly infused with the lovely cinnamon flavour. Research has found that the consumption of cinnamon can significantly reduce blood pressure especially for those diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. It also tastes just what we would imagine Christmas to taste like if it were a glass of water.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, adding berries to your glass of water will definitely work for you and try to prevent the naughty stuff such as chocolate and sweets! Add a variety of berries such as strawberries and raspberries, they’ll give your water a sweet taste and it won’t add too many calories either! If you prefer the citrus fruits then slices of oranges, lemon and lime will also work.

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