Is Dehydration Making You Ill? Cooleraid Has The Answers

Cooleraid • 14/08/2015

The average human body is made up of over 75% water, it’s a vital ingredient for our wellbeing and day-to-day health. Shockingly, four million Brits haven’t had a glass of water in over a week! This extremely low consumption of water is dangerous, our bodies need water, and you could be suffering with illnesses because of your lack of water intake.

Do any of these sound familiar to you…?

Fatigue – do you spend a lot of the day feeling tired, yawning and wishing the day away so you can get some sleep? It sounds like you’re suffering from fatigue, this could be due to dehydration. When we’re dehydrated the enzymatic activity in our body slows down which results in us becoming very tired.

Skin Issues – skin disorders such as psoriasis can be down to dehydration. Water has the ability to eliminate and flush out toxins. Water can also help to prevent premature wrinkling.

Kidney Problems – if you don’t drink an adequate amount of water you could be more prone to kidney infections which can be extremely painful and debilitating. Due to a lack of water your body is unable to flush out toxins and waste which enables bacteria to thrive, resulting in infection.

Pain In Your Joints – stiffness or pain in your joints can often be caused by severe dehydration. The cartilage padding between your joints is mostly water, so when you’re dehydrated the padding is weakened causing the pain.

Weight Gain – did you know water can actually help with weight loss? Quite often people mistake hunger for thirst, causing us to consume unnecessary calories! Drink a glass of water after a meal to ensure you don’t start snacking and craving sugar!

Headaches – the brain is 75% water, it sits in a fluid sack which stops it from knocking against our skulls. If the fluid sack depletes then your brain can push up against your skull, this is what causes a headache!

In order to avoid these symptoms it’s important to ensure your body is hydrated, drink 8 glasses of water a day and why not try adding in more water rich foods such as oranges, watermelon and other fruits into your diet?

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