5 Reasons Your Office Needs A Hot Water Boiler Cooleraid Tips

Cooleraid • 09/11/2015

A hot water boiler is without a doubt an office essential! We all love a good cup of tea or a morning coffee so why waste time standing around for the kettle when you could have an instant supply of hot running water?

Hot water boilers are a much more ethical way to produce hot water as opposed to power hungry kettles! So why should you adding a hot water boiler to the office kitchen? Well…

1. It’s Power Saving
As we said, kettles are extremely power hungry devices and waste huge amounts of energy. In busy offices we often flick the kettle on and off at least eight times a day. By switching to an eco-friendly water boiler you’ll save on power wastage, money and help the earth!

2. It Cuts Down Time
How often do you spend waiting around for the kettle to boil? Probably too often! It can be disruptive to the office and waste your time. A hot water boiler provides a constant flow of hot water available for that immediate cup of tea, coffee or whatever takes your fancy!

3. Hot Chocolate
Need we say more? Sometimes in the depths of winter, when you’re cold and it’s dark you just need a tasty winter pick-me-up. A hot chocolate is the perfect remedy. Alternatively you could invest in a coffee machine which provides endless options for your hot beverages from galaxy hot chocolate to a chocochinno (it’s as good as it sounds, trust us).

4. It Can Help Your Cold
A hot mug of warm honey and lemon is a savour for poorly winter throats, coughs and colds. Honey has amazing immune boosting properties and can help to soothe wounds including your poorly sore throat! We all know it’s the season for germs and colds to make their way around the office so we’d recommend stocking up on honey and a few fresh lemons in the office kitchen too. Plus it’s a tasty drink that’s low on calories!

5. Space Saving
Small office? Struggle for worktop space? Why not use a wall mounted boiler to free up the available space in your kitchen? We have plenty of options available to suit all workspaces.

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