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Cooleraid • 01/12/2015

It’s officially Christmas season! December is upon us and with that comes the Christmas hysteria, and we couldn’t help but get involved. Now we all know that we’re a nation of tea and coffee drinkers, often reaching for up to 5 (ok sometimes 7) cups just in our working day! It keeps us going, warms our system and offers a welcome relief from that report you were going over. But ‘tis the season after all so it’s time to give your usual tea or coffee a festive replacement.

A Warming Ginger Tea

Not only super healthy but the kick of ginger is sure to warm your inners! Take a small root of ginger, peel, slice and add to your mug of hot water. Add a drizzle of organic honey for a little sweet addition if required and you have yourself a festive warmer. Ginger is said to hold many healing properties such as the ability to help with nausea, sore throats, congestion and relief to inflamed joints.

A Cinnamon Spice

What could get more Christmassy than cinnamon?! Add a stick of cinnamon to your mug of warm water, add a few slices of apple to give it a festive cider taste, and you have yourself winter in a cup! Cinnamon has been used as a medicine for years to aid with muscle spasms, cut the risk of heart disease and it’s also packed with anti-oxidants.

A Splash of Honey

Honey has a never-ending list of benefits, not only is it amazing at fighting off infection it can also sooth a sore winter throat and heal respiratory issues. Add one or two (depending on how bad your sweet tooth is) to a mug of warm water, add a slice of lemon for a little zing and you’ve got a drink your immune system will be thankful for!

Winter Berry Warmer

One for those with a sweet tooth! Infuse your warm water with a few blackberries and cranberries to sweeten your drink and also count as one of your five a day – bonus! Blackberries are said to have a positive impact on your motor and cognitive skills so it’s time to get picking those blackberries!

Gingerbread Latte

This one requires a few more ingredients but it’s definitely worth it! In your mug, mix together your 3-4 shots of coffee with one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of ground ginger and one teaspoon of sugar. Whisk together and add half a cup of steamed (or frothed – your call) milk and then enjoy!

Get your health kick and swap your usual cup of coffee for a healthy, festive winter warmer! Find our range of water boilers here to make your round of office drinks even quicker and easier.

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