5 Water Rich Foods to Help Us Stay Hydrated This Summer

Cooleraid • 02/07/2018

Summer has well and truly arrived, and at the time of writing we’ve had a scorcher of a weekend with temperatures just shy of 30 degrees. Hydration as always, is really important particularly with soaring temperatures (which look set to continue for the foreseeable!), so we’ve all been drinking more fluids than usual.  After all, most of us have taken up residence in our gardens, enjoying it while we can, and the only thing to do to keep cool is sit in the shade with a nice cold drink!

So does the hot weather impact on our diets? In my house it certainly does!  Not because I can’t stand the thought of a hot dinner, more because I don’t want to stand and cook it!  But generally speaking, the summer is a time of Barbecues, salads and easy to prepare foods, which is perfect for the list below, detailing some of the foods richest in water content – all super healthy and ideal for helping you stay hydrated.



The Great British salad staple, with a water content of 96%.  High in vitamins A and K which are great for healthy bones and immune system, lettuce can be quite a versatile food stuff.

Top tip: If you’re watching your weight, use large leaves as a wrap instead of a tortilla.



Again, a salad staple (but can be an acquired taste), with a 95% water content.  Rich in vitamin K, potassium and fibre celery is an excellent source of nutrients and water.

Top tip:  Dieters can munch their way through a mountain of the stuff – you’ll expend more calories with the action of eating it than you’ll consume!



Ultra-low in calories, with a 95% water content plus small amounts of Vitamin K, magnesium and potassium.  Who doesn’t love cucumber added to a cheese sandwich?

Top tip:  Sliced cucumber rested on the eyelids will sooth tired, puffy eyes, and reduce the appearance of ‘bags’.



The perfect summer fruit!  Containing 92% water, watermelon is full of vitamins A and C plus magnesium and other nutrients.  A large slice will fill you up with very little calorie intake.

Top tip: When selecting your watermelon, go for an oval, uniform shape. Avoid the shiny ones – they’re not properly ripe!



A real summer favourite!  Strawberries contain around 91% water and are packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting antioxidants. Use as part of a healthy fruit salad, or be really bad and just add sugar, cream or ice-cream!

Top tip: Grow your own!  Needing relatively little care, plant your strawberry plants early, in well-drained soil in a sunny position. Water regularly, pick the flowers to encourage growth and you’ll have a bumper harvest, and save a bundle!

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