Prevention or Cure? Water is the answer!

Cooleraid • 08/06/2018

It’s a proven fact that drinking more water will improve your overall health and make you feel (and look) better. Dehydration can lead to feelings of exhaustion, lack of energy and bring on headaches, so it’s vitally important to drink plenty throughout the day, whether you feel thirsty or not! Not only will this combat the symptoms already listed, but it will keep your body’s level of hydration in balance, helping with more than fighting illness. It will help your skin too.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and should be looked after! If you treat it right throughout your lifetime, then it will repay you with a healthy complexion and fewer wrinkles as you get older. As we age, our skin can suffer from sun damage among other things, where less collagen is produced, causing it to lose some of its suppleness. By drinking water your skin will remain hydrated thus improving wrinkled areas and giving a more youthful glow. It can also help with skin that’s prone to acne or breakouts. Although it can’t act as an acne treatment, it will help clear the skin and wash out any toxins, which can dramatically improve the appearance of blemished skin.

So in order to take advantage of the most economical, pure and convenient beauty routine, make sure you keep your water bottle with you at all times, sipping throughout your day, particularly during warmer months and exercise. At work, if you haven’t already got one, consider asking your employer to invest in a water cooler – not only will it help with keeping everyone hydrated, but could be a performance enhancer too – a hydrated brain will function to the max!

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