Are You Drinking Enough Water? The Pee Test Can Tell You!

Cooleraid • 04/02/2019

Statistics are telling us that some adults (around 7 million of us) are going through the day without a drink of water!  Imagine a whole 24 hours without even a sip of water.  Some don’t even have a glass beside the bed to sip if they wake during the night.

Knowing that our bodies are made up mainly of water, we know that it’s vitally important to stay hydrated.  The problems that arise if we don’t can include headaches and migraines, loss of concentration, water retention and swollen joints, and ultimately damage to our organs, including our skin.

Of course, the easiest indicator that we could be starting to dehydrate is thirst, but there is a ‘visual’ test that we can all take and it’s as easy as A, B, Pee!

Urine is the sterile by-product which flows from the kidneys through the bladder and is excreted via the urethra. It’s nature’s way of flushing our bodies of the toxins and chemicals that could be harmful if left unchecked. Next time you visit the toilet, have a look in the pan when you’ve finished. By rule of thumb, if your urine is dark in colour then the chances are that you’re already dehydrated.  To ensure that hydration is at its peak, then your urine should be pale in colour – the paler the better!  This means that you’re already drinking the correct amount to maintain hydration. But there is such a thing as over hydration, so if your pee is clear then that could be a sign that you’re drinking too much and you should hold back a little.

The safest way to make sure that you’re attaining the correct level of hydration is to drink the recommended 8 glasses per day. If you work in an office environment, suggest installing a water cooler to help reach your quota.  Not every drink has to be water – add some squash if you like.  Tea and coffee are both diuretics, and should still be enjoyed, maybe just in smaller quantities – just top up with some sips of water after each cup.

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