Cooleraid Raises 5 Million for the Lifeline Fund Our Charity Work

Cooleraid • 05/04/2016

Following a trip to Malawi back in 1998, John Searle Senior was truly shocked and appalled by the widespread poverty and orphan problem the country had. Determined to try and help make a difference, John discussed with Cooleraid how they could go about helping the young children of Malawi.

This conversation resulted in us, Cooleraid, donating a substantial contribution of monthly turnover to the Lifeline Fund, a charity set up by John Senior himself. For the year 1999, we set an ambitious target of contributing £30,000. Not only did we exceed this, our contributions have grown year on year, and we can now announce we have exceeded donations of £5,000,000 to the Lifeline Fund!

This contribution is down to not only our fantastic customers, but the efficient running of the fund and dedication of amazing staff, some of whom have even visited Malawi themselves to oversee projects and view first-hand the amazing impact these donations have had. From witnessing the rescue and care of babies orphaned at birth, to the distribution of vital food supplies to the elderly.

Through consistent donations from us here at Cooleraid, the Lifeline Fund have managed to achieve some truly remarkable things that have made a huge impact to the lives of many. One of the 14 centres built by the fund, Namisu, currently caters for more than 2,700 children and young people in need. This also includes a residential centre for handicapped children with special needs. We’ve provided occupational therapists and trained physiotherapists, along with special needs teachers for these pupils in our care.

Four schools have been built, and more than 1,000 graduates from the Orphan Scholarship fund have left secondary school and gone on to reap the benefits of education by gaining jobs and apprenticeships in fields including engineering, carpentry and education.

We hope to continue to see donations exceed all expectations and work hard to bring relief to those in need in Malawi. We’re delighted to see our donations reach 5 million pounds, and here’s to the next 5 million!

Find out more about our work with the Lifeline Fund here.

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