Spring Clean Your Health! Cooleraid Top Tips

Cooleraid • 01/03/2016

It’s been a long winter, and now that spring has finally sprung, warmer temperatures are finally in sight! We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely ready for blue skies and warm weather. Spring is the ideal time to not only have a thorough clean of your home, but think about your health and diet too. We easily slip into bad habits during the winter weather, from not exercising as much as we should, to one too many treats. So how can you spring clean your health this month?

Swap the Stodge for Salads

Colder temperatures can often result in us craving carbohydrates and fuller meals. Now is the time to begin swapping the stodge for lighter alternatives and nutritious salads packed with colourful veg. To fulfil your cravings for carbs try adding quinoa to your salad to add a little bulk, healthy bulk mind!

Eat More Fruit

With berries coming into season, it’s time to start filling up the fruit bowl with seasonal fruits such as mandarins, oranges, strawberries and cherries. Make a delicious fruit salad to enjoy at work, or why not whizz up a smoothie instead? Frozen fruit is a great idea for smoothie making, as it will last and it still contains all of the nutrients and vitamins.

Watch Your Steps

Now we’re (hopefully) waving goodbye to snow, rain and other winter elements, it’s time to try and up your walking game. Ditch the car and walk to work if possible, this will result in a healthier fitter you, and less money spent on petrol. Double win! Download an app on your phone which tracks your steps to keep an eye on your progress. It’s suggested that we should be aiming for 1000 steps a day which is roughly 5 miles. It’s time to get those walking shoes dusted off!

Drink More Water

We would say this, wouldn’t we? But you can become quite dehydrated during the weeks as you don’t necessarily feel as much need to be reaching for a glass of water. It might not be hot, but you should still be aiming for your eight glasses of water a day. If you struggle to keep drinking water, or find that you forget then set yourself a reminder on your phone, or download an app such as Waterlogged which will track your water intake and nudge you if you need to pour another glass.

Join a Class

In the winter, it’s far too tempting to sack off any form of leaving the house in favour of Netflix. It’s cold outside and we want to stay inside, with a blanket and an episode of Prison Break. Now that the weather will no longer be an excuse, it’s time to start thinking about how you can spend your free time more wisely. How about joining a local yoga class or head to your local swimming pool for a few lengths?

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