Do I Need to Clean My Water Cooler?

Cooleraid • 28/05/2021

Like with most things, there’s an easy way and a hard way to approach cleaning your water cooler. A lot of people don’t even realize that the bottled water cooler in your home or office can get dirty. I mean, what’s dirty about water right? But even if your water cooler was cleaned recently, a dozen or more co-workers could easily have contaminated the entire supply since then, by refilling used water bottles or touching the spigot with unwashed hands. Cooleraid now offers contactless dispensers for this very reason, but if you’re sticking with your old school water cooler, then follow our simple steps below to help you stay safe.

We recommend you clean your water cooler every six to eight weeks. With the right tools and a little guidance from us, you’ll be able to get this new ritual done and dusted in thirty minutes or less!

What do I need to clean my water cooler?

  • Clean rubber gloves
  • 5 litres of clean water
  • 15ml of anti-bacterial solution (one part solution to three parts water)
  • A soft sponge
  • Empty buckets

How do I clean my water cooler?

First, you need to mix together the anti-bacterial solution and water. Make sure you have unplugged the water cooler from the power outlet at the wall. Remove the empty water bottle and drain any water in the reservoir through the taps into a bucket. Put on your rubber gloves and, with a small amount of neat anti-bacterial solution, use the soft sponge to remove any build up on the walls of the interior reservoir. If there are any more removable parts to your water cooler, remove and clean them individually. Be sure to take note of how everything fits together so that you can replace the items when you’re finished.

Next, fill the interior reservoir with the anti-bacterial solution you mixed with water. Let this mixture sit in the reservoir for 5 to 10 minutes and then drain through the taps into a bucket to disinfect the taps themselves. Once completed, fill the interior reservoir once more with fresh water and empty it through the taps into a bucket to rinse everything through. Do this around four times – until there is no longer a trace of the anti-bacterial solution in the water.

If there is a drip tray and screen these also need to be removed and washed with the anti-bacterial solution, then rinsed thoroughly and replaced.

Once you’ve scrubbed, soaked and rinsed everything, you’ll be able to insert the new water bottle.

Put all of the parts of your water cooler that you removed back. Put your rubber gloves on once more and wipe the top of the new water bottle with the anti-bacterial solution. Insert it into the cooler and let it fill the reservoir.

Use a lint free towel to give the water cooler exterior a good wipe over. You can choose to do this with the anti-bacterial solution as well. Pay particular attention to the taps.

Once everything is in its rightful place, plug your water cooler back in and allow 30-minutes for the water inside it to reach the right temperature.

What else do I need to know?

If your water cooler has both a hot and a cold tap, it’s imperative that you do not get the anti-bacterial solution into the hot water tank. To stop this from happening when you clear your water cooler, plug the hot water tank with a cork. If the solution does get into the hot water tank, it could take several days for the taste to clear – and ruin a great many cups of coffee. It’s much better to ensure that the tank is plugged first to avoid disgruntled co-workers or family members.

Take extra care not to get the air filter wet. Remove it carefully and store it high up to keep it dry. Also store your unused water bottles in a clean and cool area, to preserve the quality of the water inside them.

You could clean your water cooler with a white vinegar solution if you’d prefer. Simply mix one part white vinegar with three parts clean water for a germ-busting solution that will do the job properly without using chemicals.

By following these simple steps every six- to eight-weeks, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your water cooler and ensure its reputation as a consistent provider of fresh, clean water for those in need of a good thirst quenching.

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