What Are the Benefits of Pure Water?

Cooleraid • 13/05/2021

A lot of people think that pure water is just plain water in its most natural form. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Pure water actually comes from a water source that undergoes a process to remove all of the existing impurities. So, even though natural water might sound better, the health benefits that come from purified water are actually greater than that of its natural counterpart.

There are many forms of pure water, but the most common and popular type is called distilled water.

How do they purify water?

Water is purified through a process called carbon filtration. This is a microporous filtration process that includes ultraviolet oxidation. In the majority of cases, more than one purification method is used and also often combined with others in order to create the optimal purified water.

Pure water is most often used for drinking and for cooking. It’s also used in laboratories and scientific studies to further test and better the purification process.

What types of purified water are there?

Distilled water – This is usually sold as bottled water and is produced by distillation. Distilled water is boiled first. The steam is then condensed into a clean, sanitary container where any contamination is eliminated. The reservoir must be 100% sterilised in order to guarantee a completely bacteria-free product.

Deionised water – Similar to distilled water, deionized water is a slightly different and much cheaper version. It has been stripped of all its minerals, which include calcium, ions, copper and iron. The process includes an ion exchange that allows for the removal of all the mineral salts. This method is much cheaper than carbon filtration and still allows for purified water.

Why and how should I use purified water?

Bottled water is preferable over tap water because all impurities have been removed. As well as being better for you to consume, it can also be used for animals to drink and in Aquariums as it is healthier for fish. It’s used in car washes as it doesn’t leave any spots after washing and because it is free of chemicals. It’s also better for use inside of vehicles.

Pure Water Benefits

  • Taste and Health
     Without impurities and contaminants, purified water has a much more refreshing taste. Water filtration systems remove impurities like parasites, viruses and bacteria – which obviously no one wants to consume. Common pathogens like e-coli and giardia are eradicated, leaving behind a fresh taste.
  • Detoxification
     Drinking pure water is a critical element of balanced nutrition. You could live for one month without eating, but human beings literally can’t survive in dehydration. This is because water makes up about 80 % of your body. Drinking plenty of water is therefore a sure way of eliminating waste and toxins, as well as regulating body temperature.
  • Healthy Skin
    There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on harmful cosmetic products containing all kinds of chemicals when all you need for a perfect complexion is great hydration. Basically, water helps to moisturize the skin, prevent dehydration and increase circulation.
  • Relief from joint disorders
     Painful joints often come about due to a shortage of water in our systems and can actually affect people of all ages. Painkillers only worsen the problem, particularly when they are not prescribed by a doctor. Doctors recommend the consumption of salt and water to quell the pain associated with osteoporosis and joint pain.

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