Drink more water and stick to your resolutions

Cooleraid • 25/01/2017

We’re a few weeks into the New Year so how are your resolutions going? Are you still keeping to your goals? As the enthusiasm of champers and fireworks wears off we find we’re still struggling to wake up to those dark mornings and January seems to be longer than any other month of the year, it’s not surprising that many of our good intentions are ditched. A night in with a glass of wine, a few nibbles and a movie is a more attractive thought than Pilates and a salad!

Well I bet you’d never think that a glass of water could help you maintain your resolution vim and vigour? You’d be surprised that many of your New Year’s resolutions can be supported by drinking some more of the good stuff! As up to 60% of the human body is compose of water then it’s essential we drink our two litres a day anyway but read on to see how much more support water can give you to help you reach your goals.

Kicking the habit

How could drinking water help you quit smoking? Probably one of the most common New Year’s resolutions amongst smokers is to finally try to give up. We all know it’s one of the hardest habits to beat and who would have thought that drinking water could help? Keeping well hydrated can help you cope with cravings, water can have a calming effect and you probably have less of an association of having a glass with a cigarette than you do a mug or tea or an alcoholic drink. Also a US study revealed that certain drinks make cigarettes taste better so avoid any of those associations to encourage your success.

Take up a new hobby

Life is busy and sometimes it passes us by so fast that we wonder why we never ran a marathon, jumped out of a plane, learned to speak a new language or play piano. Following a passion is key to living your best life and to your levels of happiness. So if you have decided to turn over a new leaf in 2017 and do what you’ve always dreamed of such as learn to fly or learn to speak Italian then remember to keep hydrated! Keeping your energy and concentration levels working at an optimum level, water is essential, every function in the body is dependent on it including brain performance. Studies show that the brain operates well whilst the body is fully hydrated allowing us to think faster, with clarity.

Losing the pounds

OK so we all could lose a few pounds after the Christmas holidays. As we give up the mince pies and mulled wine and go back to our normal diet, our bodies can go back to normal but who would have thought a glass of water could help. Drinking a glass of water before a meal can encourage us to eat less and help us get back to our normal, healthy eating routine!

Improve your workout

Gyms up and down the UK are jammed packed with new enthusiasts in January, it’s quite impressive! Nothing like an atmosphere of determination and dedication to keep you going even when you don’t want to. Eventually however, the number of ‘off-days’ increases and by February, numbers dwindle and although it’s nice not to be waiting for your turn on the running machine, you suddenly think it would be nicer to drive on home instead of detouring to the gym! If that’s’ the case, water can help! Relieving the natural aches you may suffer following a workout, water hydrates your muscles and can also help to ease fatigue which means you are more likely to keep up the good work.

Work-life balance

Obtaining and maintaining a bit of balance in your life is key to your happiness. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, or so the saying goes. Not sure about dull but certainly bored and unhappy, we all need something exciting to look forward to and we all need fun in our day, every day! Balance also needs to be reflected in our whole lifestyle and a study by Coleen Munoz, University of Connecticut has shown a direct link with higher water consumption and good moods. So it seems that water can play a huge part in helping us get the most out of life. Staying hydrated can raise mood and energy levels which in turn ensures we approach life with the right attitude.

It doesn’t matter what area of your life you look at, whether is physical or emotional, drinking water and staying hydrated can make you feel so much better. When we feel good about life, our good mood encourages us to make better decisions about our health and wellbeing which has a knock on effect on those around us. There is no downside to this so keep drinking water!

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