7 Reasons to Leave Santa Water Instead of Whisky

Cooleraid • 08/12/2016

The festive season is officially upon us, and by now your tree will be up and you’ve probably indulged in one too many mince pies. You’ll have heard Fairytale of New York roughly 330 times, braved the Christmas shopping so now, you’re probably almost set for Christmas.

Ensure your carrots are ready for the reindeer, and for the main man himself? A refreshing glass of water. What, no whisky? No hot chocolate? Nope, sorry Santa here’s 7 reasons why you should leave him a glass of water this Christmas Eve…


  1. It Will Offer Him Much Needed Hydration

After all, he has a LOT of houses to get round in just one night and that’s busy work. Sweating causes you to lose water so it’s important to keep your fluid topped up when you’re doing such strenuous work. Nothing quite quenches your thirst and rehydrates your body like a glass of water.

  1. It’s Good For His Concentration

No one wants a mix-up of presents on Christmas morning, so as to avoid any disasters offer Santa a glass of water to make sure those concentration levels are at their peak.

  1. It Will Energise His Muscles

Ever tried getting up and down a chimney with a sack of presents? Its hard work and by no means an easy feat. Unlike whisky, water can repair and top up the cells that are unable to maintain their balance of fluids. This way he’ll feel ready to take on the world, quite literally.

  1. It’s Good For His Skin

Cold weather, harsh winds and snow are no winning combination for good skin. Avoid dry patches and irritation with plenty of water to ensure the skin is hydrated and locking in moister with a protective barrier.

  1. It Will Prevent Any Headaches

No one needs a headache when they’re trying to look after a team of reindeers and organise a busy sleigh. Our brains are made up of three quarters water, sitting in a fluid sack to ensure it doesn’t hit against our skulls and cause a headache. If this fluid sack depletes you’ll find yourself reaching for the paracetamol, instead, keep topped up with water.

  1. He Won’t Get Stiff Joints

Did you know dehydration can cause both stiffness and pain in the joints? The cartilage between our joints is mostly made up of water, therefore when the padding is weakened by dehydration it can cause a lot of discomfort. Not what you need when you’re trying to making your away around the world in one night. Phew.

  1. It Will Keep His Eyes Bright

Hydration will keep your energy levels up and with plenty of water he won’t find himself with bloodshot or dry eyes. Important for not relying on Rudolph’s bright nose to lead the way…

So with all that in mind, don’t forget to leave a glass of the clear stuff out, even if it goes alongside a cheeky whisky! Merry Christmas!


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