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Cooleraid • 20/10/2014

A worrying report has suggested that people with a desk job are not moving around and getting as much exercise as they should. With tight deadlines and heavy workloads, it is becoming more and more popular for employees to eat lunch at their desks – a valuable time when they should be moving around, getting some fresh air, and getting that all-important exercise.

A survey of 2000 British office workers found 87% spent the majority of their working day sat at their desk, only leaving it to go to the toilet or grab a drink. Shockingly almost 7 in 10 said the only regular exercise they do is walking from the house to the car, the car to the office, and the same again on their return home.

Sitting at a desk all day reduces the breakdown of fat particles, which is why office workers are prone to being more tired, and putting on excess weight. On top of drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, you need to be making sure your workers are keeping mobile, so why not kill two birds with one stone by installing a water cooler in to your work place?

Researchers suggest you should stand up for 2 minutes every 20 minutes of your day, so by simply encouraging your employees to drink more water, the movement it takes to get them out of their desks and moving across to a water cooler is sure to get their blood flow pumping. What’s more, a healthy hydrated brain is more likely to be more reactive and productive!

Top Tips To Move More At Work:

1. Walk over to colleagues instead of calling or emailing
2. Take the stairs instead of the lift
3. Go to the printer each time you print
4. Impress your colleagues by making the effort to do the tea run
5. Make the effort to get up and walk around the office
6. Take regular breaks to grab a drink
7. Stand up and move around in meetings
8. Where possible offer to pop out and grab lunch for you and your colleagues
9. Consider investing in a swiss ball or something similar, so you can engage your core while you are sitting at your desk
10. Make a point of stretching or moving at your desk every 15 – 30 mins

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